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Raisa lives with her Ammi and three younger sisters in Hyderabad's Old City. When Ammi promises her 13-year old daughter, Zainab, in marriage to a foreign businessman, Raisa decides that she must save her little sister. In a custom that has found new roots among poor families in Muslim ghettos, rich patrons pay for an arrangement brokered by efficient agents, while a pliant cleric draws up both marriage and divorce contracts simultaneously, so that the businessman is free to end the sham union whenever he is ready to leave the city. Desperate to find a way out for Zainab, Raisa hatches a dangerous and irreversible plan involving an archaic remedy that promises to restore a girl's virginity.

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Wake Me
Talk Too Much
Your Love
Take on Me
I Don't Wanna Dance
Every Breath You Take
Don't Stop Me Now - Remastered 2011
Somebody To Love - Remastered 2011
Stumblin' Home
Fluorescent Adolescent
Cigarette Daydreams
Me & Mr Jones
Out of My League
The Less I Know The Better
Sit Next to Me
Dancing Queen
Lay All Your Love On Me
Super Trouper
Honey, Honey
Knowing Me, Knowing You
I Have A Dream
The Name Of The Game
Sweet Caroline
63 Days
It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)
The Sound
Love It If We Made It
3 Nights
If You Know That I'm Lonely
Parents House
Valerie - '68 Version
Sycamore Girl
Apricot Princess
Sweet Talk
Heart Of Glass
Why Do You Feel So Down
Somebody Else
Malibu 1992
White Ferrari
Heart Out
Saw You In A Dream
Me and Michael
Outta My Head (with John Mayer)
Sincerity Is Scary
Crash My Car
Frail State Of Mind
The Tide Is High - Edit
Everybody Wants To Rule The World

User reviews

Richard Lee

The use of traditional instruments in the soundtrack adds an authentic and cultural richness to the music, enhancing the storytelling and immersing the audience in the setting of Hyderabad's Old City.

Deborah Smith

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke the bleakness of the situation faced by the characters in the film, drawing the listener into their world and their desperate plight.

Ashley Young

The music in Leeches is masterfully composed, with each track enhancing the emotional impact of the scenes and creating a powerful connection with the characters and their struggles.

Donald Hall

The pacing of the music in Leeches feels inconsistent and disrupts the flow of the film. At times, the soundtrack overwhelms the dialogue, making it hard to follow the characters' motivations and emotions. The lack of subtlety in the music detracts from the overall viewing experience.

Melissa White

The contrast between the somber tones of the music and the moments of hope in the film creates a powerful emotional impact on the audience. The soundtrack effectively conveys the highs and lows of the characters' experiences.

Matthew Taylor

The soundtrack of Leeches perfectly captures the tension and desperation felt by Raisa as she tries to save her sister from a forced marriage. The music intensifies the emotional journey of the characters and keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Matthew Moore

The soundtrack of Leeches fails to capture the emotional intensity of the protagonist's struggle to save her sister from a forced marriage. The music feels disconnected from the narrative, making it difficult to empathize with Raisa's desperation.

Joshua Taylor

The Leeches soundtrack perfectly captures the tension and emotional depth of Raisa's struggle to save her sister Zainab from a forced marriage.

Joseph Parker

Overall, the soundtrack of Leeches is a standout element of the film, enhancing the storytelling and adding depth to the characters' emotional journeys. It is a vital component that elevates the viewing experience and stays with the audience long after the film ends.

Brian Martin

The choice of instruments in the soundtrack of Leeches feels cliché and uninspired. The repetitive use of traditional Middle Eastern sounds comes across as superficial and does not add depth to the storytelling. It feels like a missed opportunity to enhance the cultural richness of the film.

George Taylor

The Leeches soundtrack is not just music to accompany the story - it is a powerful narrative in itself, weaving together themes of sacrifice, love, and resilience. It elevates the film to a whole new level, drawing you in and immersing you in Raisa's world with every single note.

William Hill

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke a sense of foreboding and unease, mirroring the dark themes of the film. The music effectively enhances the suspense and drama of the storyline.

Nancy Robinson

The Leeches soundtrack perfectly captures the emotional intensity and tension of Raisa's desperate struggle to save her little sister Zainab from a forced marriage. The haunting melodies and evocative instrumentals immerse you in the harrowing reality of their situation, making you feel every ounce of Raisa's determination and fear.

Melissa Turner

Overall, the Leeches soundtrack is a powerful and evocative musical journey that complements the film's narrative beautifully, making it a standout aspect of the movie-going experience.

John Rodriguez

Each track in the Leeches soundtrack is masterfully crafted to convey the cultural nuances and deep emotional turmoil of the characters. From the melancholic strings that mirror Raisa's inner turmoil to the powerful percussion that underscores the urgency of her mission, every note resonates with authenticity and raw emotion.

William Smith

The use of traditional instruments in the soundtrack adds an authentic touch to the story, transporting the listener to the streets of Hyderabad's Old City and immersing them in the characters' world.