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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Los miserables

Title in Italiano:

I miserabili

Title in Português:

Os Miseráveis


Assigned to work alongside unethical police veterans Chris (Alexis Manenti) and Gwada (Djebril Zonga) in Paris' Anti-Crime Brigade, Brigadier Stéphane Ruiz (Damien Bonnard) - a recent transplant to the working-class suburb of Montfermeil, where Victor Hugo wrote his famous novel Les Misérables - struggles to establish a working relationship with influential community leaders while attempting to maintain some semblance of peace between his disreputable team and the citizens of the local housing projects.

When what should be a simple arrest goes tragically awry, the three officers must individually reconcile with the aftermath of their actions while angling to keep the neighborhood from retaliating with mob violence. Beginning as a Cesar-winning short film, the film was inspired by the 2005 riots in Paris. It was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize (in a tie with BACURAU) and was selected as France's entry for Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.

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User reviews

David Carter

The contrast between the intense and dramatic moments in the film is effectively highlighted through the dynamic range of the soundtrack, creating a powerful cinematic experience.

Ashley Anderson

The music captures the tension and drama of the narrative, enhancing the viewers' experience and immersing them in the world of the characters.

Robert Garcia

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the film's visuals, creating a cohesive and immersive audio-visual experience that enhances the overall impact of the story.

Dorothy Miller

Overall, the musical score of Les Misérables is a standout element that elevates the film to a higher level, showcasing the talent and creativity of the composers in capturing the essence of the story.

Emily Thompson

The soundtrack of Les Misérables perfectly captures the tension and complexity of the film's narrative, adding depth and emotion to every scene.

Stephanie Johnson

The use of traditional French music elements in the soundtrack creates a sense of authenticity and enhances the setting of the story in the working-class suburb of Montfermeil.

Edward Parker

The soundtrack of Les Misérables is a powerful and emotional masterpiece that perfectly captures the tension and drama of the film. The haunting melodies and intense orchestrations enhance every scene, drawing the audience deeper into the story.

David Miller

The vocal performances in the soundtrack of Les Misérables were underwhelming and failed to convey the raw emotion and passion required to convey the characters' struggles effectively. The singers lacked the vocal range and dynamism needed to elevate the songs to a level that could match the intensity of the film's themes and performances.

Margaret Rodriguez

The use of orchestral arrangements and vocal performances in the soundtrack adds depth and complexity to the film, creating a rich tapestry of sound that elevates the storytelling.

Lisa Garcia

The soundtrack of Les Misérables lacked thematic depth and emotional resonance, failing to capture the intensity and complexity of the film's narrative. The music felt generic and uninspired, missing the opportunity to enhance the characters' inner turmoil and the socio-political tensions depicted in the story.

Lisa Evans

The soundtrack of Les Misérables is a powerful and emotional accompaniment to the intense and gripping storyline of the film.

Emily Jackson

The soundtrack of Les Misérables effectively underscores the themes of social injustice, police brutality, and community tensions, enhancing the film's powerful message.

Thomas Lee

Each track in the soundtrack of Les Misérables is expertly crafted to evoke strong emotions and elevate the impact of the film. The music seamlessly weaves through moments of suspense, action, and introspection, creating a truly immersive experience for the viewer.

Jennifer Martinez

The incorporation of modern electronic beats in some tracks adds a contemporary edge to the traditional French music, reflecting the clash of cultures and ideologies depicted in the story.

Edward Mitchell

Overall, the soundtrack of Les Misérables is a masterful work of art that enriches the film and elevates it to a higher level of cinematic excellence.

Sarah White

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke a strong emotional response, enhancing the viewer's connection to the characters and their struggles in the film.

Andrew Clark

The haunting melodies and evocative lyrics of the songs in the soundtrack linger in the mind long after the film has ended, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Thomas Johnson

The orchestration and arrangement of the songs in Les Misérables felt disjointed and disconnected from the on-screen action, resulting in a jarring listening experience. The music did not seamlessly blend with the visuals, creating a distracting and dissonant atmosphere that detracted from the overall impact of the film.

Paul Evans

The music effectively conveys the emotional turmoil and moral dilemmas faced by the characters, enhancing the audience's understanding and empathy towards their struggles.