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Rating: 6.30/10 from 204000 votes
Tags: convoy
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Resident Evil: Extinción

Title in Italiano:

Resident Evil: Extinction

Title in Português:

Resident Evil 3: Extinção

Title in Français:

Resident Evil: Extinction


Years after the Raccoon City disaster, Alice pits her bio-organic super skills against armies of the undead in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

Las Vegas means fun in the sun. Well, at least the sun is still there. Except for a few rusting landmarks, it looks pretty much like the rest of the desert - or the whole country, for that matter.

The crowds are now flesh-eating zombies: the mass undead, the oozing, terrifying sludge of what remains. Here, the nightmare isn't over yet, so the newly upgraded Alice, along with her crew will make a final stand against evil - with one goal: to turn the undead dead again.

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Resident Evil: Extinction
Iron Butterfly: Performer
Doug Ingle: Writer
White Rabbit
Grace Slick: Writer
Collide: Performer
My World
Richard Kruspe: Performer
Richard Kruspe: Lyrics
Emigrate: Performer

User reviews

Betty White

The diversity of musical styles in the soundtrack, from ambient tracks to intense electronic pieces, showcases the range of emotions and moods present in the film.

Joseph Hernandez

The thematic motifs and recurring musical themes in the soundtrack create a cohesive and immersive listening experience that complements the visual storytelling of the movie.

Steven Brown

The haunting melodies and eerie soundscapes in the score evoke a sense of desolation and hopelessness, mirroring the bleak and desolate landscape of the post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

Steven Garcia

The use of electronic and industrial elements in the soundtrack complements the futuristic setting of the movie, providing a fitting backdrop for the high-octane battles against the undead.

Stephanie Baker

The soundtrack effectively underscores the emotional journey of the characters, enhancing their development and adding depth to their interactions on screen.

Emily Gonzalez

The dynamic and evolving nature of the music in the soundtrack mirrors the characters' evolution throughout the film, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Kimberly King

The music enhances the tension and suspense in key moments, creating a sense of urgency that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Karen Garcia

The energetic beats and driving rhythms in certain tracks perfectly accompany the high-octane action sequences, adding an extra layer of excitement to the movie.

Matthew Anderson

The use of electronic and industrial elements in the soundtrack adds a modern and gritty feel to the movie, complementing the dystopian setting of a Las Vegas overrun by zombies.

Edward Hernandez

The haunting melodies and eerie soundscapes in the soundtrack create a chilling and ominous mood, enhancing the horror elements of the film.

Andrew Harris

The music enhances the tension and suspense in key scenes, adding an extra layer of intensity to the action sequences and creating a sense of impending danger.