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Rating: 6.60/10 from 105 votes
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Lock & Key

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Lock & Key

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Lock & Key

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Lock & Key

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Lock & Key

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Lock & Key


Lock & Key is a thrilling mystery novel written by Sarah Dessen. The story follows a teenage girl named Ruby who is sent to live with her long-lost sister Cora after their mother abandons them. As Ruby adjusts to her new life in a wealthy neighborhood, she discovers a mysterious key that unlocks a hidden door in the house.

Behind the door, Ruby finds a room filled with secrets about her family's past. With the help of her new friends and a handsome boy named Nate, Ruby begins to unravel the mysteries of her family history and uncover the truth about her mother's disappearance.

As Ruby delves deeper into the secrets hidden behind the locked door, she must confront her own fears and insecurities in order to find closure and move forward with her life. Lock & Key is a captivating tale of family, friendship, and the power of forgiveness.

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Lock & Key
Time of the Season - Mono Version
City Looks Pretty
Don't Kill My Vibe
Light It Up
Take A Sip - Dodge & Fuski Remix
Rich & Sad
Big Love
Lost My Mind
Brown Paper Bag
Fight For Me
Give You Up
you should see me in a crown
Speak Loud
Wasted Nun
Good, Feel Good

User reviews

Mark Thompson

The emotional depth of the music in Lock & Key enhances the character development and adds layers to the narrative. Each track seems to reflect the inner struggles and growth of Ruby as she navigates through the challenges and revelations in her life.

Betty Roberts

The soundtrack of Lock & Key perfectly captures the mystery and intrigue of the novel. The haunting melodies and suspenseful rhythms create a sense of tension and anticipation that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

James Martinez

The lack of diversity in the musical styles featured in the soundtrack made it feel monotonous and uninspired. It would have been more engaging if the music had incorporated a wider range of genres to better reflect the diverse themes and characters in the novel.

Brian Brown

The repetitive use of certain musical motifs in the soundtrack became distracting and took away from the overall viewing experience. It felt like the composer lacked creativity and relied too heavily on familiar themes.

Kenneth Nelson

The soundtrack for Lock & Key felt mismatched with the tone of the story. The music choices often felt out of place and failed to enhance the emotional depth of the scenes.

William Lewis

The soundtrack of Lock & Key seamlessly blends with the storytelling, enhancing the overall reading experience and immersing me deeper into the world of the novel. It elevates the emotional impact of key moments and adds a whole new dimension to the already compelling story.

Donna Phillips

The soundtrack of Lock & Key perfectly captures the essence of mystery and intrigue portrayed in the novel. Each track sets the tone for Ruby's journey of self-discovery and uncovering family secrets, enhancing the reading experience.

Daniel Adams

The soundtrack of Lock & Key perfectly captures the mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere of the novel. The haunting melodies and subtle tones create a sense of intrigue that keeps me engaged throughout the story.

Mary Carter

On the other hand, some tracks in the soundtrack of Lock & Key feel repetitive and lack originality. While the overall mood of the music fits the story well, certain pieces fail to stand out and make a lasting impression, blending into the background rather than enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative.

William Campbell

The haunting melodies and emotive compositions in the soundtrack of Lock & Key elevate the storytelling to a whole new level, evoking a range of emotions from suspense to heartwarming moments. The music truly enhances the depth and complexity of the characters and plot, making it a memorable and immersive reading experience.