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Loose Women

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Loose Women

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Loose Women

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Loose Women

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Loose Women

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Gails Geheimnis


Loose Women is a British talk show that airs on ITV. The show features a panel of four female presenters who discuss various topics ranging from current events to personal experiences.

Each episode of Loose Women typically includes interviews with celebrity guests, as well as debates on controversial issues. The show is known for its candid and unfiltered discussions, often delving into sensitive subjects with honesty and humor.

Since its debut in 1999, Loose Women has become a popular daytime program in the UK, attracting a loyal audience of viewers who appreciate its frank and engaging format.

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Loose Women
Band of Gold (with Ray Conniff & His Orchestra & Chorus)
On the Street Where You Live (with Percy Faith & His Orchestra) - Single Version
P.S I Love You
Melody in Moccasins
There's a Move You Make
Hollywood Holiday
Blue in Green (feat. John Coltrane & Bill Evans)
Non Dimenticar
Botch-A-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina)
Night and Day
There Will Never Be Another You
Concierto de Aranjuez: Adagio
The Twist
My Special Angel
Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
Agua De Beber
Gopher Mambo - Remastered 2009
Don't Think Twice (It's Alright)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Let's Twist Again
Temptation Is Hard to Fight
Congratulations Honey
Crooked Woman
Blue Room From the MGM Picture "Words adn Music" - Remastered
The Theme from "A Summer Place" - Single Version
The Infanta
Break It To Me Gently
Couleur café
Early in the Morning
I'm Thru With Love
Pot Can't Talk About the Kettle
Swingin' Saints
What'll I Do
Cup Of Loneliness
Treat You Right
Stranger On The Shore
To Be Loved (Forever)
Bye Bye Birdie
Memories Of You
C'est Magnifique
Over There
Song to Woody
Come on Twist
Better Luck Next Time Little Girl
Sixteen Tons
Prelude to a Kiss
So Young
Where Is Love? - Reprise
Moonglow - Previously Unissued
The End of the World
Tobacco Road
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Sidewalk Surfin' - Remastered
Old Cape Cod

User reviews

Andrew Rodriguez

The Loose Women soundtrack perfectly captures the lively and engaging atmosphere of the show, with upbeat and catchy tunes that complement the panel discussions and celebrity interviews.

Lisa Anderson

I appreciate how the music in Loose Women reflects the show's female empowerment theme, with empowering anthems and soulful ballads that resonate with the panelists' candid and honest conversations.

James Clark

The soundtrack of Loose Women showcases a blend of uplifting tunes and poignant melodies, enhancing the overall entertainment value of the show and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Mary Perez

The soundtrack of Loose Women adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the show, enriching the viewer's connection to the presenters and their personal stories shared on air.

Brian Perez

The music choices in the show's soundtrack often feel mismatched and distracting, taking away from the authenticity and emotional impact of the conversations taking place among the presenters and guests.

Joseph White

Overall, I believe the music in Loose Women plays a crucial role in shaping the show's identity and contributing to its success as a beloved daytime talk program in the UK.

Kimberly Baker

I find the music selection in Loose Women to be diverse and well-curated, providing a dynamic backdrop for the range of topics covered on the show, from light-hearted banter to more serious discussions.

Stephanie Smith

The music in Loose Women not only entertains but also serves as a powerful storytelling tool, amplifying the impact of the discussions and interviews, making the show a must-watch for fans of engaging television programming.

Brian Evans

The music selection in Loose Women effectively sets the mood for different segments, whether it's a serious debate or a light-hearted discussion, adding depth to the overall presentation.

Donald Johnson

The variety of music genres featured in the Loose Women soundtrack is impressive, from upbeat tunes to emotional ballads. This diversity adds depth to the show, setting the tone for different segments and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

John Walker

Despite the show's reputation for candid and unfiltered discussions, the soundtrack of Loose Women fails to enhance the overall viewing experience, leaving a disconnect between the music and the powerful narratives being shared on screen.

Brian Clark

The soundtrack of Loose Women lacks diversity and depth, with repetitive tunes that fail to capture the essence of the show's dynamic discussions and diverse range of topics.

Karen Lewis

The soundtrack of Loose Women perfectly captures the lively and vibrant energy of the show, enhancing the viewing experience for the audience.

Timothy Young

The soundtrack of Loose Women perfectly captures the essence of the show's candid and engaging discussions. The music selection enhances the atmosphere, making each episode more dynamic and entertaining.

Emily White

The emotional depth and variety of the music in Loose Women help to connect the audience with the personal stories and experiences shared by the panelists, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding.

Richard Williams

The soundtrack of Loose Women enhances the overall viewing experience by setting the tone for each segment, creating a seamless transition between different topics and guest appearances.

John Green

I admire how the soundtrack of Loose Women complements the diverse range of topics discussed on the show, creating a cohesive and engaging atmosphere for both the presenters and the viewers.