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Rating: 6.60/10 from 157 votes
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Matriarch is a horror film that follows a family who moves into a remote farmhouse in Ireland. The family soon discovers that the house is haunted by the ghost of the previous owner, a woman who was known as the Matriarch. As the family tries to uncover the truth behind the ghost's presence, they realize that the Matriarch is seeking revenge for a past wrong that was done to her. The family must fight to survive as the Matriarch becomes more and more powerful, threatening to consume them all.

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Mère et fille
The Door
Bridge Of Death
Turbine Hall
Vichnaya Pamyat
Pump Room
Clean Up
Dealing With Destruction
Waiting For The Engineer
12 Hours Before
Líður - Chernobyl Version
Bridge Of Death - From “Chernobyl” TV Series Soundtrack
Sweet Apocalypse
Thin - Lambert Rework
The Plug
Mr. Skitters
Vladimir's Blues
Autumn, Autumn
Materna Requiem: 6. Paradisum Interlude
A Map Of What Is Lost
All Res
Ab Ovo
When Music Sounds: 3. Out Of The Water
Turquoise Hexagon Sun
An Ending (Ascent) - Remastered 2005
Sleeping Lotus - Tom Trago's Sixtine Remix
I Will, For You (Sophie Hutchings Rework)
Instrumental II
Not Going Back to the Harbour (Dauwd Remix)
Nocturne (For Leila Arab)
Black Sands
Glassworks: Opening
Plum Rain
Night After Sidewalk
Prelude: First Snow
Hope Valley Hill
Apology Drawn / Gramercy Park
A Walk
The Sacrifice
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Black Sludge
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
The Village
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Laura's Room
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Sleeping Is Thirsty Work
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Your Father's Spirit
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Worm Eater
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Find Abi
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
The Rot
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
You'll Give Back All You've Taken
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Mother-Daughter Connection
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs: Performer

User reviews

Richard Parker

I appreciate how the soundtrack seamlessly transitions between haunting melodies and intense crescendos, mirroring the escalating conflict between the family and the vengeful Matriarch.

Anthony Baker

The haunting and eerie melodies in the soundtrack of Mère et fille perfectly captured the suspenseful atmosphere of the film. Each note seemed to send chills down my spine, adding an extra layer of tension to the already gripping storyline.

Daniel Brown

While the soundtrack of Mère et fille effectively captured the eerie atmosphere of the film, I felt that it was lacking in diversity and originality. The music seemed to rely heavily on typical horror movie tropes and did not offer any standout or memorable tracks. I believe a more innovative approach to the soundtrack could have elevated the overall impact of the film.

Ashley Phillips

The use of haunting vocals and subtle whispers in the soundtrack of Mère et fille added a sense of unease and mystery to the overall viewing experience. It felt like the music was weaving its own narrative alongside the unfolding events on screen, deepening the emotional impact of the film.

Patricia Anderson

The use of subtle piano notes and chilling strings in the soundtrack enhances the sense of unease and tension, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the movie.

Mary Jackson

The haunting melodies in the Mère et fille soundtrack perfectly capture the eerie atmosphere of the film, adding an extra layer of suspense to the story.

Carol Roberts

Overall, the Mère et fille soundtrack is a masterful work of art that not only enhances the horror elements of the film but also stands on its own as a captivating and spine-chilling musical piece.

Brian Miller

I found the soundtrack of Mère et fille to be quite haunting and atmospheric, perfectly setting the tone for a horror film. The use of eerie melodies and subtle sound effects created a sense of unease and tension throughout the movie. The music enhanced the suspenseful moments and added an extra layer of fear to the overall experience.

Deborah Clark

The way the music builds up during the intense scenes creates a feeling of impending doom, making the audience truly feel the fear and desperation of the characters.

Betty Evans

The dynamic range of the music in Mère et fille was truly impressive, seamlessly transitioning from subtle ambient sounds to intense orchestral pieces. The soundtrack enhanced the emotional depth of the characters and the escalating danger they faced, creating a truly immersive and memorable audio experience.

Carol Thompson

The soundtrack's ability to evoke a range of emotions, from fear to sadness to hope, showcases the composer's skill in crafting music that complements the narrative of Matriarch flawlessly.

Donald Hill

The use of eerie sound effects and whispers woven into the music adds an extra layer of creepiness to the overall listening experience, immersing me further into the world of the film.