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Rating: 7.20/10 from 76000 votes
Tags: cutout, homerun
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Una mujer en la liga


Rachel Phelps is the new owner of the Cleveland Indians baseball team. However, her plans for the team are rather nefarious. She wants to move the team to Miami for the warmer climate and a new stadium.

To justify the move, the team has to lose, and lose badly. So she assembles the worst possible team she can. Among these are a past-his-prime catcher with bad knees, a shrewd but past-his-prime pitcher, a young tearaway pitcher (and felon) with a 100 mph fastball but absolutely no control, a third baseman who is too wealthy and precious to dive, a voodoo-loving slugger who can't hit a curve ball and an energetic-but-naive lead off hitter and base-stealer who can't keep the ball on the ground.

Against the odds, and after the inevitable initial failures, they iron out some of their faults and start to win, much to Ms Phelps' consternation.

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Major League
Most of All You
Alan Bergman: Lyrics
Bill Medley: Performer
James Newton Howard: Performer
James Newton Howard: Produced
Wild Thing
X: Performer
How Can the Girl Refuse
Michael Lloyd: Produced
James Newton Howard: Performer
Glen Ballard: Lyrics
Peter Beckett: Performer
Burn On
Randy Newman: Writer
U.S. Male
Ron Aniello: Produced
The Nearness of You
Isn't It Romantic
Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Cryin' Shame
Lyle Lovett: Writer
Tony Brown: Produced
Kenny Greenberg: Performer
Isn't It Romantic
Kenny Greenberg: Performer
Oh You Angel
Ron Aniello: Performer
Cryin' Shame
Lyle Lovett: Performer
Beyond the Blue Horizon
Lyle Lovett: Performer
The Beat Farmers: Performer
Funeral March
The Beat Farmers: Performer
Mexican Hat Dance
Jack Grunsky: Performer

User reviews

Nancy Nelson

The soundtrack of Major League perfectly captures the energy and excitement of baseball games, making every scene feel thrilling and engaging.

Charles Adams

The soundtrack of Major League effectively conveys the underdog spirit of the Cleveland Indians team, creating a sense of triumph and victory as they start to overcome their challenges.

Mary Carter

I found the soundtrack of Major League to be lackluster and uninspiring. The music failed to capture the intensity and excitement of a baseball game, leaving me feeling disconnected from the on-screen action.

Deborah Nelson

The repetitive use of certain musical motifs throughout the film became tiresome and predictable. I was hoping for more variety and depth in the soundtrack to match the dynamic character development and plot twists in Major League.

Jennifer Nelson

The soundtrack of Major League perfectly captures the spirit of the underdog team's journey from being a ragtag group of misfits to a cohesive and winning unit. The music enhances the emotional depth of the story, making every victory and setback feel even more impactful.

Brian Wright

The score of Major League is a seamless blend of energizing sports anthems and heartfelt melodies that perfectly complement the highs and lows of the team's rollercoaster season. The music not only sets the tone for each scene but also elevates the overall viewing experience, making it a memorable and engaging soundtrack that stays with you long after the movie ends.

Karen Lee

The use of music in Major League effectively sets the tone for the comedic elements of the film, adding a layer of fun and light-heartedness to the story. The soundtrack includes catchy tunes that enhance the humorous situations faced by the quirky characters on the team, creating a sense of camaraderie and unity among them that is both entertaining and endearing.

Ashley Clark

The musical score in Major League helps to elevate the emotional moments of the film, adding depth and resonance to the characters' journeys and struggles.

Matthew Martin

The choice of songs in the soundtrack felt out of place and did not enhance the overall viewing experience. Instead of adding to the drama and tension of the plot, the music seemed to detract from the emotional impact of key scenes.

Joseph Thomas

The music selection in Major League enhances the comedic moments of the film, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the overall experience.

Ashley Robinson

The soundtrack of Major League perfectly captures the underdog spirit of the Cleveland Indians baseball team, with its mix of upbeat and motivational songs that accompany the team's journey from being the worst to becoming a winning team. The music enhances the feel-good moments and the triumphs of the players, making it a joy to watch their progress.

Charles Anderson

The soundtrack of Major League showcases a diverse selection of songs that not only complement the storyline but also elevate the emotional impact of key moments in the film. From energetic tracks during the team's victories to more somber melodies during moments of defeat, the music adds depth and richness to the overall viewing experience, making it a memorable aspect of the movie.