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Rating: 7.10/10 from 129000 votes
Tags: jay and silent bob, dumped by girlfriend
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Generazione X

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Os Malucos do Centro


Mallrats follows the story of Brodie Bruce, a college student obsessed with Sega and comic books, and his best friend, TS Quint. Both of them are dumped by their girlfriends on the same day, and in order to cope with their heartbreak, they decide to go to the local mall.

On their mall adventure, they encounter various friends, including Willam who struggles to see Magic Eye pictures, Gwen who is one of TS's ex-girlfriends, and Jay & Silent Bob from Clerks. As they navigate through the mall, they come up with a plan to win back their exes and confront their enemies - TS's girlfriend's father and a store clerk who dislikes them for not shopping.

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Web in Front
Eric Bachmann: Writer
Archers of Loaf: Performer
Squirtgun: Performer
Hated It
Joel Plaskett: Writer
Build Me Up Buttercup
Tony Macaulay: Writer
The Goops: Performer
Tanya Donelly: Writer
Belly: Performer
Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self
Bill Stevenson: Writer
All: Performer
Line Up
Boogie Shoes
Smoke Two Joints
Easy Beat
Dry Martini
Garota de Ipanema
Lollipops and Roses
Rivers Cuomo: Performer
Love And Sharks
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Bubbles" - Bush
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Susanne" - Weezer
Ira Newborn: Performer
Freeing One's Mind
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Seventeen" - Sponge
Ira Newborn: Performer
Krytonite Condoms
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Line Up" - Elastica
Ira Newborn: Performer
Mission Impossible #1
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Mallrats" - Wax
Ira Newborn: Performer
Taken With A Grain Of Salt
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Broken" - Belly
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self" - Girls Against Boys
Ira Newborn: Performer
A Very Uncomfortable Place
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Guilty" - All
Ira Newborn: Performer
That Ski Trip
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Web In Front" - Archers Of Loaf
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Hated It" - Thrush Hermit
Ira Newborn: Performer
Post Coital Techno Boogie
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Build Me Up Buttercup" - The Goops
Ira Newborn: Performer
Cousin Walter
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Social" - Squirtgun
Ira Newborn: Performer
Mission Impossible #2
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Smoke Two Joints" - Sublime
Ira Newborn: Performer
"Stoned" - silverchair
Ira Newborn: Performer
Last Words
Ira Newborn: Performer

User reviews

Anthony Johnson

The soundtrack of Mallrats perfectly captures the fun and carefree vibe of the movie. The upbeat and energetic songs really enhance the overall viewing experience.

Elizabeth Gonzalez

The lack of cohesion in the soundtrack of Mallrats made it hard to feel a sense of continuity throughout the movie. The abrupt changes in music styles felt jarring and didn't contribute positively to my viewing experience.

Andrew Davis

The soundtrack of Mallrats felt disconnected from the overall vibe of the movie. I found the songs to be distracting and didn't enhance the scenes or emotions portrayed by the characters.

Richard Clark

The song choices in Mallrats are not only catchy but also effectively set the tone for different scenes, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The music seamlessly complements the humor and drama in the film, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for the audience to enjoy.

Charles Lewis

The diversity in the soundtrack of Mallrats is impressive, offering a range of musical styles that cater to different moods and scenes in the film. It keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Mary Green

I appreciate how the music in Mallrats reflects the 90s era with a mix of alternative rock and punk tracks. It creates a nostalgic feel that adds depth to the storytelling.

Karen Hill

The musical choices in Mallrats seemed outdated and out of touch with the setting of a modern-day mall. The songs lacked a contemporary feel, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the film's story.

Michelle Parker

The soundtrack of Mallrats perfectly captures the carefree and fun vibes of the 90s mall culture. The eclectic mix of punk, alternative rock, and grunge music enhances the rebellious and youthful spirit of the film.

Timothy Lopez

Overall, the soundtrack of Mallrats is a standout feature of the film, contributing significantly to its overall charm and entertainment value. It's a memorable aspect that adds layers to the storytelling.

Susan Brown

The use of music in Mallrats helps to establish the characters' personalities and emotions effectively. The songs chosen seem to resonate with the struggles and triumphs of the main characters.