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Rating: 6.50/10 from 20000 votes
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Maniac is a psychological dark comedy series that follows two strangers, Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgrim, who are drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that promises to solve all of their problems. As the trial progresses, they find themselves caught up in a mind-bending pharmaceutical experiment that blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

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Non gettarmi la sabbia negli occhi
Leo Chiosso: Writer
Gino Bramieri: Performer
Goin' to a Showdown
Adriana Kaegi: Writer

User reviews

Robert Parker

The use of repetitive, hypnotic motifs in the music effectively conveys the sense of disorientation and confusion that Annie and Owen experience throughout the series.

Mary Phillips

The haunting melodies and eclectic mix of genres in the soundtrack of Maniac not only enhance the psychological aspects of the series but also add layers of depth and complexity to the narrative, making it a truly unforgettable auditory experience.

Betty Phillips

The soundtrack of Maniac perfectly captures the eerie and surreal atmosphere of the series, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Nancy White

I found the music in Maniac to be repetitive and uninspiring. The same melodies seemed to play over and over again, making it difficult to stay engaged with the show.

Karen Taylor

The eclectic mix of electronic, orchestral, and experimental music in the soundtrack mirrors the unpredictable nature of the characters' journey through the pharmaceutical trial.

Donald Harris

The soundtrack often felt disconnected from the mood and tone of the scenes, which was distracting and took away from the overall viewing experience. It failed to enhance the emotional impact of key moments in the series.

Kimberly Hernandez

I found myself constantly impressed by how the soundtrack of Maniac was able to set the tone for each scene, creating a sense of tension and intrigue that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Edward White

Each track in the soundtrack is carefully selected to evoke the emotions and inner struggles of the characters, enhancing the viewing experience and immersing the audience into the world of Annie and Owen.

Thomas Turner

The use of electronic and experimental music in Maniac was refreshing and innovative, providing a modern and cutting-edge feel to the series.

Andrew Harris

The soundtrack of Maniac truly captivates the essence of the series, creating a unique atmosphere that perfectly complements the mind-bending storyline.

Deborah Baker

Overall, I believe the soundtrack of Maniac is a standout element of the series, adding a layer of complexity and richness that elevates the storytelling to new heights.

Kimberly Wilson

The music choices in Maniac are eclectic and unique, adding layers of depth to the characters and the plot, making it a truly immersive experience.

Deborah Williams

Some of the musical choices in Maniac felt out of place and jarring, breaking the immersion of the storyline and making it difficult to fully connect with the characters and their journey. The soundtrack seemed to overshadow the dialogue at times, making it hard to follow the plot.

James Green

The soundtrack of Maniac skillfully weaves in different genres and styles of music, showcasing the diverse range of emotions and themes explored in the show.

Joshua Young

The soundtrack of Maniac perfectly captures the eerie and surreal atmosphere of the show, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Patricia Lopez

Overall, the soundtrack of Maniac is a standout element of the show, adding depth and emotion to the already gripping storyline.