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Marmalade Boy Soundtrack (1994) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La familia crece

Title in Italiano:

Piccoli problemi di cuore

Title in Português:

Marmalade Boy

Title in Français:

Mamarêdo bôi

Title in Türk:

Mamarêdo bôi

Title in Deutsch:

Mamarêdo bôi


Miki's parents are getting divorced. Why? Because her parents bumped into another married couple, and found that each other's partners suited them better and plan to remarry. While this upsets Miki, the other couple's son, Yuu, doesn't seem to mind this at all. Now all six of them live in the same house and while Miki doesn't like this arrangement, she can't get Yuu out of her mind...

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Marmalade Boy
Egao Ni Aitai - “Marmalade Boy” Op
Maki: Artist
Quiero verte sonreír (From "Marmalade Boy")
Nattalia Sarria: Artist
Plastic Love
Mariya Takeuchi: Artist