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Tags: male human alien hybrid
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Max Steel

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Max Steel

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Max Steel


The teenager Max McGrath and his mother Molly McGrath return to their house in their hometown that they left when his famous father, the scientist Jim McGrath, died during a storm.

Max is lonely at school but when he is hit in his bicycle by the truck of his mate Sofia Martinez, he befriends her.

Soon he knows Jim's partner in the N-TEK company and friend Dr. Miles Edwards at home since his mother has invited him to have dinner with them.

Out of the blue, Max sees fluid energy around his hand and then he meets the amnesiac alien Steel, who saves him from blowing-up absorbing his energy.

Max learns that he is a power generator and Steel is capable to absorb his excessive energy.

Further, Earth is in danger since the alien breed Ultralink is threatening the planet, and Max has powers and an armor when joining with Steel.

In flashbacks, he learns about the work of his past and what really happened to him.

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Max Steel
John Valentino: Writer
Wildlife: Performer
Dean Povinsky: Writer

User reviews

Paul Lewis

The soundtrack of Max Steel really enhances the emotional depth of the story, capturing the loneliness and longing that Max feels after the loss of his father. The music beautifully mirrors the journey of self-discovery and friendship that Max embarks on throughout the movie.

Deborah Wright

The use of themes and motifs in the soundtrack is expertly done, creating a sense of tension and excitement during the action scenes, while also providing moments of introspection and reflection in the quieter moments of the film. The music truly elevates the viewing experience and adds a layer of complexity to the storytelling that is both engaging and compelling.

Mark Hall