Me Myself I Soundtrack (

Me Myself I Soundtrack (1999) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Yo y yo misma

Title in Italiano:

Nei panni dell'altra

Title in Português:

Mein Leben auf zwei Wegen


Pamela Drury is unhappy and alone. On her birthday she stumbles across a photo of Robert Dickson and wonders what would've happened had she said yes to his proposal. A freak accident causes Pamela to live out the life she could've had, but is the grass on the other side always greener?

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Me Myself I
Me Myself I
Joan Armatrading: Performer
Joan Armatrading: Writer
Ça Plane Pour Moi
Plastic Bertrand: Performer
Lou De Prijck: Writer
All By Myself
Eric Carmen: Writer
Maggie McKinney: Performer
Violin Concerto No 5 K.219 in A Major, Rondeau (tempo di Menuetto)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Writer
Yehudi Menuhin: Conducted
Vadim Repin: Performer
Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
Murray Cook: Writer
The Wiggles: Performer
All My Friends Are Getting Married
Greg Macainsh: Writer
Skyhooks: Performer
Cheek To Cheek
Irving Berlin: Writer
Peggy Lee: Performer
Breakfast Radio
So Beautiful
You Sexy Thing
Black Bugs
!(The Song Formerly Known As)
Thank You Mr. DJ
Get Up and Boogie
Sonata Opus 8, No. 1 in D Major (Allegretto)