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Alternate Names:
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Mega Man

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Mega Man

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Mega Man


Doctor Wily, a mad scientist, creates 6 robots to help him conquer the planet. When Doctor Light hears of Wily's evil plans, he alters Rock, a house-keeping robot, adding an arm-cannon, armor, etc., so he can stop Wily and his robots from taking over the earth!

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Mega Man
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Game Start (NES Version)
Needle Man Stage
Magnet Man Stage
Gemini Man Stage
Hard Man Stage
Top Man Stage
Snake Man Stage
Spark Man Stage
Shadow Man Stage
Proto Man
Stage Clear (NES Version)
Get a Weapon
Dr. Wily Stage Map
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Magnet Man Stage (PS)
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Top Man Stage (PS)
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Database (PS)
SPARK MAN 〜Spark of Sorcery〜
Shall we go on a Magnetic Continuous tour? 〜Pleasant Trips Forever... (MAGNET MAN)
Metal Man Stage
Air Man Stage
Bubble Man Stage
Quick Man Stage
Crash Man Stage
Flash Man Stage
Heat Man Stage
Wood Man Stage
Dr. Wily UFO SE
Dr. Wily Map
Last Stage