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Rating: 6.10/10 from 1000 votes
Tags: man kisses man on the cheek, man slaps a little girl
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Una signora chiamata presidente

Title in Português:

As Golpadas da Política

Title in Français:

Whoops Apocalypse

Title in Türk:

Whoops Apocalypse

Title in Deutsch:

Whoops Apocalypse


A small British colony is invaded by its Communist neighbour. Newly elected female President of the United States, Barbara Adams, tried to sort out the mess but the British under the leader of PM Sir Mortimer Chris sends in a task force to seize the islands back. For revenge, General Mosquera, leader of the Communist country, hires the best terrorist in the world, Lacrobat, to kidnap the British princess Wendy to hold her to ransom to get the British out.

So now Barbara has not only got to deal with Mosquera and Lacrobat, she has also to deal with Sir Mortimer, who totally goes mad and thinks up really stupid ideas (such as pushing the unemployed over a cliff and that the entire employment problem is caused by evil pixies.) but also with the fact that Russia is looking to aid the Communist country and this could start World War III...

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Whoops Apocalypse
Trevor Bastow: Arrangement
John Otway: Writer
John Otway: Performer

User reviews

Stephanie Wright

The music in Whoops Apocalypse effectively sets the mood for each scene, whether it be a tense political standoff or a ridiculous scheme concocted by the characters. The variety of musical styles and instruments used keeps the audience engaged and entertained from start to finish.

Laura Roberts

The soundtrack effectively complements the absurdity of the plot, adding an extra layer of humor and entertainment to the already hilarious scenes.

Joseph Lewis

The music in Whoops Apocalypse effectively enhances the action sequences and adds excitement to the storyline. The dramatic orchestral pieces during the moments of tension between the characters create a thrilling atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

David Perez

I found the score of Whoops Apocalypse to be repetitive and uninspiring. The music failed to enhance the tension or comedic elements of the film, instead serving as background noise that did not leave a lasting impression. The lack of memorable melodies or themes made the soundtrack forgettable and ineffective in creating a lasting impact.

Mary Lee

The soundtrack of Whoops Apocalypse felt disjointed and lacked cohesion throughout the movie. The music choices seemed haphazardly put together, making it difficult to emotionally connect with the scenes and characters. It was distracting and took away from the overall viewing experience.

Melissa Anderson

The soundtrack of Whoops Apocalypse perfectly captures the comedic and chaotic tone of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Michael Parker

The use of different musical genres in the soundtrack, from suspenseful orchestral pieces to upbeat and quirky tunes, adds depth and variety to the film's storytelling.

Laura White

The musical cues in the film are well-timed and help build tension during key moments, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement for the audience.

Laura Wright

The soundtrack of Whoops Apocalypse perfectly captures the chaos and absurdity of the film's plot. The use of upbeat and quirky melodies adds a layer of humor to the tense political situations, making it a joy to listen to.

Kenneth King

The memorable main theme of Whoops Apocalypse is catchy and sets the tone for the film, becoming instantly recognizable and tying the whole story together.

Deborah Carter

The soundtrack of Whoops Apocalypse perfectly captures the chaotic and comedic tone of the film. The use of whimsical and quirky melodies adds to the absurdity of the plot and enhances the humor throughout the movie.

Jennifer Taylor

Overall, the soundtrack of Whoops Apocalypse is a memorable and integral part of the film, contributing to its cult status among fans of political satire and dark comedy. The music enhances the viewing experience and helps to create a unique and enjoyable atmosphere for the audience.