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Mirko is a mediocre football player in the twilight of career, with the uncertain future of the sport, returning to his native Banjaluka to live with his dementia mother, introvert brother and a girl who, far from their native home, begging for attention and affection, finding them in the wrong ways.

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A Kind Of Magic - Remastered 2011
Queen: Artist
Who Wants To Live Forever - Remastered 2011
Queen: Artist
Princes Of The Universe - Remastered 2011
Queen: Artist
A Kind Of Magic - Highlander Version
Queen: Artist
Cry Little Sister - Theme from ''Lost Boys''
Gerard McMann: Artist
I Still Believe
Tim Cappello: Artist
May It Be
Enya: Artist
Game of Thrones Theme (King's Landing Version)
Game of Thrones Theme (Winterfell Version)
Game of Thrones Theme (Dothraki Version)