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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Midnight Heat

Title in Italiano:

Midnight Heat

Title in Português:

Midnight Heat


A story of cops, hookers, killers, and pimps; all centered around one sleazy night in the late 1980s. A cocaine addicted homicide detective is brought out of suspension in order to trail a local prostitute who may become the next victim of The Scalper, a serial killer who preys on the city's hookers. Meanwhile, her burnt out pimp attempts to get out of the business while finding it harder to protect his girls from both the killer and from an abusive rival pimp.

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Midnight Heat
Self Control
Giancarlo Bigazzi: Writer
Laura Branigan: Performer
Cruel Summer
Bananarama: Performer
Sara Dallin: Writer
Private Eyes
Daryl Hall: Writer
Hall & Oates: Performer
White Wedding
Billy Idol: Performer
Billy Idol: Writer
Holly Knight: Writer
Animotion: Performer
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Pete Burns: Writer
Dead or Alive: Performer
Bette Davis Eyes
Donna Weiss: Writer
Kim Carnes: Performer
Into the Groove
Madonna: Performer
Madonna: Writer
Ric Ocasek: Writer
I Ran (So Far Away)
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Lotta Love
Owner of a Lonely Heart
The Warrior
West End Girls
Another Day in Paradise
You Belong to the City
Turn Me Loose
Little Lies
The One You Love
Love Is A Battlefield
Shattered Dreams