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Rating: 7.80/10 from 141000 votes
Tags: irish mob, gay gangster
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Muerte entre las flores

Title in Italiano:

Crocevia della morte


Miller's Crossing is a film about Tom Reagan, played by Gabriel Byrne, who is the right-hand man and chief adviser to mob boss Leo, portrayed by Albert Finney. Trouble arises between Leo and another mob boss, Johnny Caspar, played by Jon Polito, over the activities of a bookie named Bernie Bernbaum, portrayed by John Turturro.

Leo and Tom find themselves at odds on how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Tom is involved in a secret relationship with Leo's girlfriend, Verna, played by Marcia Gay Harden, who also happens to be Bernie's sister.

As Tom tries to resolve the conflict, he is eventually cast out from Leo's camp and becomes caught in the middle of a dangerous and unforgiving situation involving multiple deadly parties.

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Miller's Crossing
Danny Boy
Come Back To Erin
John McCormack: Performer
King Porter Stomp
Runnin' Wild
A.H. Gibbs: Performer
Joe Grey: Lyrics
Goodnight, Sweetheart
Ghirlandeina, Veta Mia
Mike Starr: Performer
Runnin' Wild
Claribel: Performer

User reviews

Nancy Smith

The score effectively amplifies the sense of suspense and intrigue throughout the film, keeping the audience engaged and on edge.

Amanda Turner

The soundtrack of Miller's Crossing enhances the storytelling by providing a rich and evocative backdrop for the characters' moral quandaries and personal conflicts.

Thomas Moore

I was particularly impressed by the use of traditional Irish music elements in the soundtrack, reflecting the film's setting and adding a unique and authentic touch to the overall sound. The music not only complements the on-screen action but also enriches the character development and emotional depth of the story, making it a memorable and impactful aspect of the film.

Melissa Martinez

Overall, the music in Miller's Crossing is a vital element that enhances the film's narrative, emotional depth, and overall impact, making it a memorable and immersive viewing experience.

Margaret Lee

I found the score to be repetitive and predictable, with little variation in tone or mood throughout the film. It failed to capture the complexity of the characters' relationships and the high stakes of the mob conflicts, leaving me feeling disconnected and disengaged from the story.

Joseph Gonzalez

The musical themes in the soundtrack help to establish a sense of time and place, immersing viewers in the world of the prohibition-era gangsters.

Robert Perez

The music in Miller's Crossing skillfully conveys the shifting alliances and betrayals that drive the plot forward, creating a sense of unease and unpredictability.

Kimberly Turner

The Miller's Crossing soundtrack perfectly captures the tension and uncertainty of the mob underworld depicted in the film.

Elizabeth Lopez

The use of traditional instruments in the score adds an authentic and gritty feel to the film, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Donald Williams

The use of traditional Irish music in the soundtrack adds a unique and authentic touch to the film, reflecting the characters' backgrounds and the setting of the story. The combination of traditional Irish tunes with orchestral arrangements creates a rich and immersive auditory experience that elevates the emotional impact of key scenes in the movie.

Stephanie Parker

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke a sense of impending danger and betrayal, mirroring the complex relationships in the movie.

Charles Wilson

The soundtrack of Miller's Crossing perfectly captures the tense and mysterious atmosphere of the film. The haunting melodies and intricate compositions enhance the suspense and drama of the storyline, drawing the audience deeper into the intricate web of betrayal and loyalty.

James Robinson

The soundtrack of Miller's Crossing perfectly captures the dark and tense atmosphere of the film. The haunting melodies and somber tones enhance the suspense and drama of the story, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.

Brian Johnson

The music in Miller's Crossing effectively underscores the moral dilemmas faced by the characters, adding depth to their internal struggles.

Ashley Clark

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the visuals, enhancing the emotional impact of key scenes and moments.

Patricia Hall

The soundtrack of Miller's Crossing lacked emotional depth and failed to enhance the tension and drama of the film. The music felt generic and uninspired, failing to create a strong connection with the characters and the storyline.