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Tags: abuse, ice skater
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Yo, Tonya

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Eu, Tonya


From the proverbial wrong side of the tracks in Portland, Oregon, former competitive figure skater Tonya Harding was never fully accepted in the figure skating community for not inherently being the image of grace, breeding, and privilege that the community wanted to portray, despite being naturally gifted in the sport athletically.

Despite ultimately garnering some success in figure skating being national champion, a world championship medalist, an Olympian, and the first American woman to complete a Triple Axel in competition, she is arguably best known for her association to "the incident": the January 6, 1994 leg-bashing attack on her competitor, Nancy Kerrigan--who, unlike Tonya, was everything that the figure-skating community wanted in their representatives.

Her association to that incident led to Tonya being banned from competitive figure skating for life. Tonya's story from the beginning of her figure-skating life at age four to the aftermath of the incident is presented.

Besides Tonya herself, key people in her life give their perspective of their role in her life. Although they may agree on the broad issues at hand, such as that the incident did occur, they may vary widely in their recollection of the details.

These people are: her waitress mother Lavona Golden, who despite having paid for her expensive figure-skating lessons, was abusive toward her physically and emotionally, never believing she was good enough in any aspect of the word, and who pulled her from school to focus solely on the figure skating; Diane Rawlinson, her first and longest-serving coach, who, for good or bad, largely let Tonya be Tonya in the way she presented herself to the figure skating world; Jeff Gillooly, her first husband, and partner in a turbulent relationship on a need to be loved, perhaps without truly loving each other; Jeff's friend and Tonya's bodyguard Shawn Eckardt, a dim bulb who believed himself to be a bigger player in the big scheme of life than he actually was; and sports journalist Martin Maddox, a fictional character who provides general commentary of what the sports media as a collective wanted out of Tonya and the incident.

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Moi, Tonya
Fair to Love Me
Mark Batson: Writer
Devil Woman
Terry Britten: Writer
Cliff Richard: Performer
Hey Mama Keep Your Mouth Shut
Shining Star
Paul Richmond: Writer
Fun Lovin' Criminals: Performer
Spirit In The Sky
Norman Greenbaum: Writer
Norman Greenbaum: Performer
Shooting Star
Bad Company: Performer
Paul Rodgers: Writer
Romeo and Juliet
Mark Knopfler: Writer
Dire Straits: Performer
The Four Seasons - Summer - 3rd Movement
Antonio Vivaldi: Writer
Sleeping Bag
Billy Gibbons: Writer
ZZ Top: Performer
Can't You See
Just Dance
Calvin Samuel: Writer
Dream A Little Dream
Fabian Andre: Writer
Doris Day: Performer
Mysterious Night
Damon Criswell: Writer
Damon Criswell: Performer
Party King
William Bergman: Writer
Feels Like The First Time
Mick Jones: Writer
Foreigner: Performer
Little Girl Bad
Bob Henry: Writer
Joanie Sommers: Performer
Free Your Mind
Denzil Foster: Writer
En Vogue: Performer
Every 1's A Winner
Errol Brown: Writer
Hot Chocolate: Performer
Goodbye Stranger
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Ann Wilson: Writer
Heart: Performer
Get It Get It
Umberto Tozzi: Writer
Laura Branigan: Performer
Gone Daddy Gone
Chinese Province
25 or 6 to 4
Chicago: Performer
Robert Lamm: Writer
The Chain
Lindsey Buckingham: Writer
Fleetwood Mac: Performer
Hey Mama, Keep Your Mouth Shut
Bo Diddley: Writer
Dr. Feelgood: Performer
Can't You See?
Goodbye, Stranger
Rick Davies: Writer
Supertramp: Performer
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
Barry Gibb: Writer
Christopher Stills: Performer
Get It, Get It
Kenny Moron: Writer
Gone, Daddy, Gone
Willie Dixon: Writer
Violent Femmes: Performer
A Dante Symphony S109 1 Inferno DG
Franz Liszt: Writer
Splitting Hairs
The Passenger
Iggy Pop: Writer
People are Still Having Sex
Latour: Performer
William LaTour: Writer
Take a Shot at Love
Norman Greenbaum: Performer
Can't You See?
Toy Caldwell Jr.: Performer
Every 1's a Winner
Errol Brown: Performer

User reviews

Mary Davis

The soundtrack of I, Tonya perfectly captures the rebellious and gritty essence of Tonya Harding's story.

Daniel Johnson

Overall, the soundtrack of I, Tonya serves as a powerful and evocative storytelling tool, enhancing the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Michelle Martin

The soundtrack of I, Tonya perfectly captures the raw emotion and intensity of Tonya Harding's turbulent life, from her struggles with acceptance in the figure skating community to the infamous incident with Nancy Kerrigan. The music enhances the storytelling, drawing the audience deeper into the complex narrative with its evocative melodies and powerful rhythms.

Mark Roberts

The use of a diverse range of musical genres in the soundtrack, from classic rock to 80s pop hits, adds layers of authenticity and depth to the film, reflecting Tonya's multifaceted personality and the different facets of her life. Each song feels carefully selected to underscore key moments in the story, creating a rich tapestry of sound that resonates long after the movie has ended.

Joseph Garcia

The soundtrack of I, Tonya skillfully blends period-specific tunes with original compositions, creating a sense of nostalgia while also staying true to the film's modern sensibilities. The music not only sets the tone for each scene but also serves as a reflection of the era in which Tonya Harding rose to fame and infamy.

Michael Nelson

The music choices felt uninspired and generic, failing to enhance the narrative or evoke any strong emotional response from me as a viewer.

Stephanie Martinez

The soundtrack effectively complements the fast-paced and dynamic skating sequences, creating a sense of urgency and excitement.

Charles Hill

The soundtrack captures the tension and drama of the infamous incident without overshadowing the human story at the heart of the film.

Ashley Perez

The music selection enhances the emotional depth of the film, making the audience connect on a more profound level with Tonya's struggles and triumphs.

Emily Mitchell

Overall, the soundtrack of I, Tonya missed the mark in bringing an added layer of depth and emotion to the film, leaving me feeling disconnected from the story and characters.

Michael Anderson

The use of period-appropriate songs adds authenticity to the narrative, transporting viewers back to the 90s era portrayed in the movie.

James Robinson

Each song choice seems carefully curated to reflect the different facets of Tonya's complex personality, adding layers to her character development.

Ashley Roberts

The use of music in I, Tonya adds depth and emotion to the character interactions and pivotal moments in Tonya's life. The soundtrack helps to convey the complexity of Tonya's relationships with her mother, coaches, and husband, enhancing the audience's understanding of the dynamics at play.

Melissa Carter

The soundtrack of I, Tonya effectively captures the gritty and rebellious spirit of Tonya Harding's life story. The mix of rock, pop, and classical music creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that complements the film's narrative perfectly.

John Adams

The soundtrack of I, Tonya fell short of my expectations. I found it lacking in emotional depth and failed to capture the intensity and complexity of Tonya Harding's story.

Sarah Turner

The blend of rock, pop, and classical music genres in the soundtrack mirrors the eclectic mix of influences in Tonya's life and career.