My Dead Boyfriend Soundtrack (

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

My Dead Boyfriend

Title in Italiano:

My Dead Boyfriend

Title in Português:

My Dead Boyfriend


Mary's life has been defined by a string of temp jobs and a half-hearted attempt to become a writer, but all that changes when she comes home to find her couch potato boyfriend dead in front of the TV set.

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My Dead Boyfriend
Love Is All Around
Sonny Curtis: Writer
Mark Wike: Performer
Sarah Negahdari: Vocals
Community Center
Mark Wike: Writer
Mark Wike: Performer
Brendan Ryan: Horns
The Bogmen: Writer
Brendan Ryan: Arrangement
Marvin Hamlisch: Writer
Girl Next Door
The Bogmen: Performer
Bill Ryan: Writer
Flagpole Sitta
Harvey Danger: Performer
Aaron Huffman: Writer
Swan Lake
Screaming Love
Kevin Browne: Writer
Helen Jane Long: Writer
Try Me One Time
Ben E. King: Writer
All The Facts