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Nak is a ghoulishly fun, animated musical romp. Set in the present day, Nak features a collection of Thai ghost legends that have grown tired of haunting and moved to the country intent on helping all humanity. One night, at a temple fair, an audience is enjoying an outdoor movie when a ghost comes out of the screen and takes away Tee, a seven-year-old boy. The king of all ghosts plans to use Tee to fulfill his dark plan of world domination. Nak, the most popular ghost legend in Thailand, and her very colorful friends Keaw (a headless ghost), Thong (a doggy ghost), and Eud (a tall demon) come together to help Gam, Tee's sister, get Tee back. Nak is especially moved by Gam's plight as her painful past comes to the fore and she fights for someone who was once taken from her. Chock-full of exuberant characters, lively action, and a variety of emotional and toe-tapping songs, Nak is a film based around ghost legends that is perfect for late-elementary youth and older. The film is also a treasure trove of discovery for adults well-versed in Asian horror, as many famous specters from recent films make cameo appearances throughout the story.

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