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Rating: 6.70/10 from 540000 votes
Tags: symbiote
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Venom: Zehirli Öfke

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Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a famous journalist/ reporter who "follows people who don't want to be followed" as he puts it. He comes across the Life Foundation and in an attempt to uncover allegations the foundation received, he loses his entire career.

Six months later he is brought back to the foundation by one of their leading scientists but in his visit, Eddie comes across an alien known as a Symbiote. Venom, the Symbiote, choses to attach and adapt to Eddie's body however this gets Brock in trouble by Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the leader of the Life Foundation.

Eddie/Venom must stop Drake from continuing with his plans of turning the humans en masse into full Symbiotes with his invasion forces.

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No Problem
Jmike: Writer
Pusha T: Performer
Our Love
Gary Clark Jr.: Writer
Gary Clark Jr.: Performer
Black Gold
Super Hyphy
Traxamillion: Writer
Keak Da Sneak: Performer
So He Won't Break
Dan Auerbach: Writer
The Black Keys: Performer
Eminem: Writer
Eminem: Produced
Eminem: Performer
Zapp: Performer
Let's Go (The Royal We)
Run the Jewels: Performer
El-P: Writer
El-P: Produced
Space Exploration
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Symbiotes Arrive
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
First Contact
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Eddie's Blues
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Run, Eddie, Run
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
What's Wrong with Me
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Panic at the Bistro
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Humans... Such Poor Design
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Self Defense
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Pedal To the Metal
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
You Want Up?
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Venom Rampage
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Annie, I'm Scared
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Unexpected Ally
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
Battle on the Launch Pad
Ludwig Göransson: Performer
You Belong With Us
Ludwig Göransson: Performer

User reviews

Stephanie Johnson

The way the music builds up during action sequences adds excitement and adrenaline to the scenes, making them even more thrilling and engaging for the audience.

Paul Hall

The score of Venom often feels out of place and distracting, failing to effectively complement the action sequences and dramatic moments of the film. Instead of enhancing the on-screen events, the music sometimes detracts from the overall viewing experience, making it difficult to fully immerse oneself in the story.

Dorothy Taylor

The soundtrack of Venom effectively captures the dark and intense atmosphere of the movie, adding to the overall sense of tension and suspense. The use of heavy metal and electronic elements enhances the action scenes and brings a sense of energy to the film.

Thomas Lewis

The music complements the character development of Eddie Brock and Venom, enhancing their inner struggles and conflicts with its dynamic and emotive tones.

Dorothy Brown

The soundtrack's use of electronic and orchestral elements creates a unique and modern sound that sets it apart from traditional superhero movie scores, giving Venom a fresh and edgy feel.

Melissa Rodriguez

Overall, the soundtrack of Venom enhances the overall viewing experience of the film, immersing the audience in the world of symbiotes and enhancing the emotional impact of key moments in the story.

Nancy Hernandez

The soundtrack of Venom perfectly captures the intense and dark atmosphere of the movie, adding an extra layer of tension to the storyline.

Timothy Robinson

The music seamlessly blends elements of suspense and action, creating a dynamic atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Charles Walker

Each track in the soundtrack adds depth to the emotional arc of the characters, especially Eddie and Venom, enhancing the overall storytelling experience and making the audience truly invested in their struggles and victories.

Nancy Moore

Overall, I appreciate how the soundtrack of Venom complements the character of Eddie Brock/Venom and the overall theme of the movie. The music successfully immerses the audience in the world of the film and enhances the emotional connection to the characters and their struggles.

Deborah Rodriguez

I found the musical score of Venom to be quite repetitive at times, with certain motifs and themes being overused throughout the movie. While this helped to create a sense of consistency, it also made some moments feel predictable and less impactful.

Mary Harris

The soundtrack of Venom perfectly captures the intensity and thrill of Eddie Brock's journey from a renowned journalist to a reluctant hero.

Charles Parker

The soundtrack of Venom fails to capture the intensity and complexity of Eddie Brock's character development throughout the film. The music feels generic and uninspired, lacking the emotional depth needed to enhance the viewer's connection with the protagonist's struggles and internal conflicts.