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Alternate Names:
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Night Is Day: The Movie

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Night Is Day: The Movie

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Night Is Day: The Movie


Jason Mackenzie is a lightning powered vigilante, bestowed with the powers of lightning and foresight from a mystical demon, Jason now roams the streets of the city protecting the innocent from criminals, ASBO teens, gangsters and corrupt businessmen. After a mysterious earthquake in a club, an ancient Scottish creature, The Caillech, who once formed the lands, returns from years in exile and warns everybody that in three days the world will end. Superintendent Charles Sloan who runs the supernatural investigation team, F-Division, set about to stop The Caillech and investigate her connections to renowned corrupt businessman Mr. Philips and his assassin Frank Stone. Jason teams up with cunning vampire Lexi after receiving a vision of a young Highland medical student, Lena Dwyer, being kidnapped by the Caillech's foots soldiers, the Scavenger demons. As both teams race around the country, Mr. Philips is playing his own game and will stop at nothing to help the Caillech achieve her goals.

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Night Is Day: The Movie
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