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Rating: 5.40/10 from 2900 votes
Tags: motorcycle killer, man on fire
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Pesadilla en la playa

Title in Português:

Nightmare Beach

Title in Français:

Fou a lier

Title in Türk:

Fou a lier

Title in Deutsch:

Nightmare Beach


Nightmare Beach

In Miami, the leader of the Demons motorcycle gang, Diablo, is sentenced to the electric chair. Before being executed, he says that he is innocent and was framed by the Chief of Police Strycher in the murder of a young woman. He promises to return from beyond to seek revenge.

In the Easter Holliday, the city is crowded by young people when a biker gives a ride to a young woman and electrocutes her on the road. Meanwhile, the body of Diablo is missing in his grave and the Mayor Loomis, Doc Willet, Strycher and Rev. Bates believe his gang has stolen his coffin. When the corpse of the young woman is found, they decide to cover up the information to the press.

The football players and friends Skip and Ronny come to the city to forget the defeat in their last game and have a good time. They meet the bartender Gail and soon Ronny gets in trouble with the Demons gang. They beat him and immediately after, he is burned by the mysterious biker. However, Loomis and Strycher press Doc Willet to vanish with Ronny's body.

When Skip decides to look for his friend, he finds a ring of corruption in the city while the mysterious biker proceeds his crime spree.

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User reviews

Deborah Robinson

The use of synthesizers and electric guitars in the soundtrack adds a modern and edgy touch to the film, enhancing the tension and thrill of each scene. The music seamlessly enhances the action sequences and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

Amanda Miller

The soundtrack of Nightmare Beach felt disjointed and out of place throughout the movie, failing to create a cohesive atmosphere or enhance the suspense of the scenes.

Jennifer Hall

The music choices seemed dated and uninspired, lacking originality and failing to add any depth or emotional impact to the storyline.

Richard Wright

The soundtrack of Nightmare Beach effectively creates a tense and suspenseful atmosphere throughout the film. The use of eerie synthesizer tones and dissonant chords adds to the sense of impending danger and mystery, enhancing the overall storytelling.

Matthew Martin

The first positive aspect of the Nightmare Beach soundtrack is its ability to create a tense and suspenseful atmosphere throughout the film. The music perfectly complements the thrilling scenes and helps build up the sense of anticipation and fear.

Charles Walker

The overall sound quality of the soundtrack was poor, with uneven levels and distracting background noise that detracted from the viewing experience rather than enhancing it.

Daniel Wright

The soundtrack of Nightmare Beach truly sets the mood for the intense and suspenseful atmosphere of the movie. The eerie and haunting melodies perfectly capture the sense of impending danger and mystery that surrounds the plot.

Joshua Thomas

Overall, the soundtrack of Nightmare Beach succeeds in enhancing the mood and tone of the film, effectively immersing the audience in the dark and gritty world of the story. The music plays a crucial role in building tension and suspense, making it a key element in the overall cinematic experience.

Joshua Jones

Another positive point about the soundtrack is its use of catchy and memorable tunes that enhance the overall viewing experience. The music adds an extra layer of excitement to the action sequences and helps to immerse the audience in the story, making it a truly engaging and enjoyable soundtrack.

George Turner

The choice of rock and metal tracks in the soundtrack helps to establish the rebellious and edgy nature of the biker gang in the movie. The energetic guitar riffs and driving rhythms complement the action sequences and intensify the sense of chaos and mayhem.

Jennifer Perez

Overall, the soundtrack of Nightmare Beach is a standout element that elevates the viewing experience and immerses the audience into the dark and twisted world of the story. It is a perfect blend of music and storytelling that leaves a lasting impression long after the credits roll.