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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Only I...

Title in Italiano:

Only I...

Title in Português:

Only I...


Orion is at a crossroads in his life. Having worked one dead-end job after another, Orion is now in danger of being evicted from his apartment. Unable to find the proper training and adequate funding needed to achieve his goals, Orion impulsively leaves his old life behind and moves to a new city, in an attempt to convince former MMA legend turned MMA trainer, Walter Hill, to train him. While training and competing on the independent MMA circuit, Orion takes a job at a diner, as a short-order cook, where he meets and begins a relationship with a beautiful waitress, Julie Wilkinson. After a much-needed personal balance between work, home and training, a serious shoulder injury forces Orion to reevaluate his path, and he quickly learns that his journey for a better life outside and inside of the cage is a disheartening battle.

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Only I...
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