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Rating: 5.40/10 from 41000 votes
Tags: organ harvesting, organ theft
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Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost


While traveling on vacation through the country of Northeastern of Brazil by bus, the American Alex Trubituan, his sister Bea Tribituan and their friend Amy Harrington meet the also foreigners Pru Stagler, Finn Davies and Liam Kuller after an accident with their bus.

They follow a track through the woods and find a hidden paradisiacal beach. They decide to stay in the place drinking beer and dancing funk and parting with the locals and they meet the amicable Brazilian teenager Kiko.

They are drugged with "Boa Noite, Cinderela" (Ruffies, literal translation: "Good Night, Cinderella" - a trick used by smalltime crooks to steal naive people) and when they wake up, they are practically naked, with all their belongings, clothes, money, jewels, passports, backpacks etc. stolen.

They walk to a small village trying to find a police station, they get into trouble with the dwellers and they are helped by their acquaintance Kiko, who leads them to his uncle's isolated well-equipped cabin in the woods to wait for the next bus two days later.

Along the night, Kiko's "uncle" arrives with his friends and the group discloses the sinister intentions of the newcomers.

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Paradise Lost
Re-Batucada/Do Jeito Que O Rei Mandou
Marcelo D.2.: Writer
Marcelo D.2.: Performer
Vai Vendo (Album Version)
Marcelo D.2.: Writer
Marcelo D.2.: Performer
Justo Agora
À Procura da Batida Perfeita (Album Version)
Luiz Bonfá: Writer
Luiz Bonfá: Performer
Marcelo D.2.: Writer
Marcelo D.2.: Performer
Qual É (Album Version)
Marcelo D.2.: Writer
Marcelo D.2.: Performer
Antônio Carlos: Writer
Antônio Carlos: Performer
Fico Assim Sem Você
Adriana Calcanhotto: Performer
What's Up Samba
Fa Ventilato: Performer

User reviews

Ronald Hill

The soundtrack of Paradise Lost perfectly captures the sense of adventure and excitement as the characters explore the hidden beach in Northeastern Brazil.

Margaret Thomas

I found the repetitive use of certain musical motifs to be annoying and predictable, making the viewing experience less engaging and memorable.

John Hernandez

The soundtrack effectively conveys the sense of unease and tension as the characters realize they have been drugged and robbed, intensifying the dramatic impact of the plot twist.

Donna Miller

The soundtrack of Paradise Lost perfectly captures the exotic and mysterious atmosphere of the Brazilian countryside, with its vibrant rhythms and melodies transporting me to a different world.

Linda Nelson

The haunting melodies during the scenes in the small village create a sense of mystery and foreboding, keeping the audience on edge.

Edward Rodriguez

The use of traditional Brazilian music elements in the soundtrack adds authenticity to the film's depiction of the local culture, creating a rich and immersive auditory experience for the audience.

David White

The suspenseful tracks during the moments of danger and revelation in the story send chills down my spine, enhancing the intensity and drama of the plot.

Elizabeth Miller

The music accompanying the characters' journey to the isolated cabin in the woods adds a sense of isolation and danger, heightening the suspense of the narrative.

Carol Garcia

The music in Paradise Lost effectively conveys the shift from carefree partying on the beach to the tense and dangerous situation the characters find themselves in, enhancing the emotional impact of the narrative.

Thomas Martin

The soundtrack of Paradise Lost effectively captures the tropical and mysterious atmosphere of the Brazilian setting, with a mix of upbeat funk rhythms and suspenseful melodies that enhance the storytelling.

Daniel Nelson

The music sets the tone for the carefree moments of partying and dancing with the locals, creating a lively and upbeat atmosphere.

Elizabeth Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Paradise Lost failed to capture the tension and suspense of the plot. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking in emotional depth.

Karen Martinez

The choice of songs for key moments in the film felt out of place and distracting, taking away from the overall atmosphere rather than enhancing it.

Matthew Gonzalez

Overall, the diverse range of musical styles and moods in the soundtrack of Paradise Lost contributes to a rich and engaging listening experience that complements the unfolding story with depth and nuance.

Steven Baker

The soundtrack of Paradise Lost skillfully enhances the emotional depth of the characters' interactions, adding layers of complexity to their relationships.

Michelle Young

The music during the party scenes on the hidden beach is infectious and energetic, making me feel like I'm right there dancing and having a great time with the characters.

Nancy Hill

The use of Brazilian funk music in the soundtrack adds an authentic and immersive touch to the story, enhancing the cultural experience of the characters.