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Tags: walking a dog, learning to play a guitar
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Exactly one week in the life of a young man named Paterson of Paterson, New Jersey is presented. He lives an extremely regimented and routinized life, that routine perhaps most vividly displayed by the fact that he is able to wake up at exactly the same time every day without an alarm.

That life includes eating Cheerios for breakfast, walking to work carrying his brown bag lunch packed in his lunch pail by his wife Laura, having a casual chat with his colleague Donny before he begins his shift driving the #23 Paterson bus for the local public transit company, walking home where he straightens out the exterior mailbox which somehow during the day gets knocked crooked, eating dinner with Laura and listening to her goings-on of the day, taking Laura's English bulldog Marvin - who he would admit to himself he doesn't much like - out for a walk to his neighborhood bar where he has one and only one beer before walking home with Marvin.

There are day to day variations which are often the result of how certain other routines associated to him manifest themselves, such as what drama will occur in the relationship of Marie and Everett who are always at the bar together despite her always saying that they are no longer together, or in what form Laura's unique and distinctive design sense will affect Paterson's life directly or indirectly.

Paterson's keen observances of what happens around him are largely the bases for the poems he writes, he constantly thinking of these and writing them in his secret notebook whenever he has a spare moment during his day. He is influenced by among others Paterson natives such as William Carlos Williams and his epic poem "Paterson". Paterson's writing are largely for himself, although Laura would like him to share more with her and the rest of the world.

Something that happens to Paterson this week has the potential to knock his routinized world into a tailspin.

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Soltane Ghalbha
Killer Mike: Writer
Killer Mike: Performer
Kieh Kieh Dar Mizaneh
The Whole Town's Laughing at Me
Walk Through This World with Me
Blue Lester
Lonely Street
Margit Waltz
I've Been Workin' on the Railroad (Levee Song)
Bright Air
Sqürl: Performer
Dark to Light
Sqürl: Performer
Blue and Gray
Sqürl: Performer
Persian Dream
Sqürl: Performer
Warm Sun on Cold Snow
Sqürl: Performer
Water Falls
Sqürl: Performer
Light to Dark
Sqürl: Performer
Trillions of Molecules
Sqürl: Performer

User reviews

Lisa Scott

Overall, the soundtrack of Paterson is a beautifully crafted and evocative musical accompaniment that enhances the emotional depth and authenticity of the film. The music succeeds in capturing the essence of the protagonist's ordinary yet extraordinary life, making it a truly memorable and impactful listening experience.

Kenneth Evans

The soundtrack of Paterson seamlessly integrates with the visual storytelling, enhancing the overall mood and atmosphere of the film. The music serves as a subtle but powerful companion to the protagonist's inner thoughts and observations, enriching the audience's connection to the character.

Mark Perez

The use of subtle piano motifs in the soundtrack adds a sense of introspection and introspective reflection, enhancing the emotional depth of the film. The music beautifully underscores the moments of quiet contemplation and poetic inspiration that Paterson experiences throughout the story.

Andrew Baker

The soundtrack of Paterson complements the film's quiet and introspective tone, providing a gentle backdrop for the protagonist's musings and observations. The music enhances the emotional depth of the story without overpowering the narrative, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in Paterson's world.

Anthony Wilson

I appreciate how the soundtrack of Paterson mirrors the rhythmic patterns and repetitions in the protagonist's life. The recurring motifs and delicate harmonies mirror the cyclical nature of his daily routines, reinforcing the film's themes of routine and habit.

Melissa King

The soundtrack of Paterson felt monotonous and repetitive, lacking the emotional depth needed to enhance the storytelling of the character's regimented life.

David Green

The music in Paterson is understated yet evocative, enhancing the film's focus on small moments and observations. The subtle use of piano and acoustic guitar adds a sense of intimacy and introspection to the storytelling.

Kenneth Mitchell

Overall, the music in Paterson adds a layer of emotional resonance to the film, subtly underscoring the moments of beauty and poetry in the protagonist's otherwise ordinary life. The soundtrack's understated elegance and emotional depth make it a fitting companion to the contemplative nature of the story.

Dorothy Jones

The use of ambient sounds and field recordings in the soundtrack of Paterson adds an immersive quality to the listening experience. The subtle incorporation of everyday sounds enhances the realism of the film and creates a sense of intimacy with the characters.

Elizabeth Brown

Each musical piece in the soundtrack enhances the emotional depth of the scenes, adding a layer of poignancy to Paterson's observations and poetic reflections. The use of subtle instrumentation and evocative motifs beautifully mirrors the protagonist's inner thoughts and external surroundings.

Kimberly Martin

The soundtrack of Paterson perfectly captures the calm and contemplative nature of the main character's daily routine. The gentle melodies and soft instrumentation create a soothing atmosphere that mirrors the peaceful rhythm of Paterson's life.

Richard Garcia

The soundtrack of Paterson perfectly captures the serene and contemplative essence of the film. The gentle melodies and minimalist compositions create a soothing atmosphere that complements the protagonist's daily routines and introspective moments.

Charles White

The soundtrack of Paterson is a masterful work of art that not only elevates the film to a higher level but also stands on its own as a beautiful and evocative musical experience. It enhances the storytelling, immerses the audience in Paterson's world, and provides a poignant and memorable accompaniment to his journey of self-discovery.

Susan Johnson

The soundtrack of Paterson perfectly captures the tranquility and simplicity of the main character's daily life. The gentle melodies and soft instrumentation create a soothing atmosphere that reflects the routine and contemplative nature of Paterson's existence.

Mark Johnson

I found the music in Paterson to be distracting at times, taking away from the subtle nuances of the character's observations and daily routines that were meant to be the focus of the film.

Paul Adams

I appreciate how the soundtrack of Paterson avoids clichés and instead opts for a more understated and nuanced approach. The music feels authentic and organic, complementing the intimate and personal nature of the story without overwhelming it.