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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El esmoquin

Title in Italiano:

Lo smoking

Title in Português:

Vestido a Rigor


Jimmy Tong (Jackie Chan) is a taxi driver notorious for his speed and ability to get his customer anywhere in the least amount of time, usually without too many illegal methods. His reputation soon lands him a job as the personal chauffer of the mysterious but wealthy Clark Devlin (Jason Isaacs).

Jimmy does not really know what his new boss' job is, but Devlin's friendly nature, imperturbable demeanor, and willingness to offer Jimmy advice wins Jimmy over and the two become pals. Jimmy has no idea that Devlin is a spy and when an attempt to kill Devlin partially succeeds, sending Devlin into a coma, Jimmy ends up accidentally wearing a rather unusual tuxedo of Devlin's.

The tuxedo is a gadget capable of granting its wearer special abilities (including martial arts, the ability to dance, active camouflage, and being able to walk on walls) which Jimmy must use to stop the terrorist group responsible for Devlin's hospitalization. He joins genius scientist, Del Blaine (Jennifer Love Hewitt) to stop them. At first, she thinks Jimmy is irritating, but in the end when he saves her and the world, he and Del Blaine go for a coffee together.

Ultimately Jimmy gives up, but discovers that Clark had a tuxedo made for Jimmy himself as he believed Jimmy could be a great agent. Using his own tuxedo, Jimmy defeats the villains in the end.

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Play Title Artist
The Tuxedo
John Scofield: Writer
In Essence - You Will Never Find
Barry White: Writer
Dead Flowers
Rinôçérôse: Performer
Screw Up
Overseer: Writer
Overseer: Performer
Quejas de Bandoneón
Disco Inferno
Used to Be Bad
At Last
Get Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine)
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
Let's Come Together
Tiny Bubbles
Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
In the Music
Jimmy's Tux (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Skateboard Chase (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Mad Bike Messenger (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Jimmy's Dream (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
"The Tuxedo" Main Title (Christophe Beck)
Christophe Beck: Performer
First Mission (Christophe Beck)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Swallow The Queen (Christophe Beck)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Demolition (Christophe Beck)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Putting On Tux (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Demolition Program (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Rope Fight (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Rope Fight (Part 2) (Christophe Beck)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Superhuman (Christophe Beck)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Walter Strider (Christophe Beck)
Christophe Beck: Performer
High Noon (Christophe Beck)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Banning Opens The Pods (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Banning Swallows Queen (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Jimmy Saves Blaine (John Debney)
Christophe Beck: Performer
Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine) (James Brown)
Christophe Beck: Performer

User reviews

Joshua Campbell

The use of dynamic musical themes in key moments of the film intensifies the suspense and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Kimberly Harris

The soundtrack of The Tuxedo perfectly captures the adventurous and comedic tone of the movie. Each track enhances the action-packed scenes and adds an element of fun to the film. The use of upbeat and energetic music during the action sequences keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout.

Thomas Rodriguez

I found the soundtrack of The Tuxedo to be lacking in originality and depth. The music felt generic and did not enhance the scenes or emotions portrayed in the movie. It failed to create a memorable or engaging atmosphere, making it forgettable as soon as the movie ended.

Emily Perez

The musical score of The Tuxedo effectively complements the character development and emotional moments in the movie. The beautiful melodies and heartfelt compositions underscore the friendship between Jimmy and Devlin, as well as the budding romance between Jimmy and Del Blaine. The soundtrack adds depth and emotion to the story, making the audience feel more connected to the characters and their journey.

William Young

The soundtrack of The Tuxedo perfectly captures the lighthearted and adventurous tone of the movie. The upbeat and energetic tracks enhance the action sequences and keep the audience engaged throughout.

John Walker

The soundtrack effectively mirrors the character development of Jimmy Tong, creating a deeper emotional connection with the protagonist and his journey.

Kimberly Moore

The memorable melodies and motifs in the soundtrack make certain scenes more memorable and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

Dorothy Wright

Overall, the soundtrack of The Tuxedo elevates the viewing experience and contributes significantly to the overall success and enjoyment of the film.

James Hill

The diversity of musical styles and genres in the soundtrack brings a refreshing and versatile sound to the film, catering to a wide range of audience preferences.

Robert Turner

The soundtrack's ability to seamlessly transition between different moods and atmospheres reflects the dynamic nature of the storyline, keeping the audience captivated from start to finish.

Michelle Evans

Furthermore, the choice of songs in the soundtrack did not seem to match the tone or pace of the film. The music often felt out of place, disrupting the flow of the story rather than complementing it. This inconsistency detracted from the overall viewing experience and left me feeling disconnected from the on-screen action.

Anthony Perez

While the soundtrack of The Tuxedo may not be groundbreaking or particularly memorable, it serves its purpose of enhancing the overall viewing experience. The music blends seamlessly with the on-screen action, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the film.

Richard Wilson

The incorporation of upbeat and energetic tracks during the action scenes adds a sense of thrill and adrenaline, making the movie even more thrilling to watch.

Karen Lopez

The music in The Tuxedo effectively complements the comedic elements of the film, adding a fun and playful atmosphere to the scenes. The use of quirky and whimsical tunes create a sense of whimsy that aligns well with the movie's storyline.

Susan Davis

The emotional depth conveyed through the music enhances the dramatic moments in the film, evoking empathy and connection with the characters.

Kimberly Baker

The music captures the essence of espionage and adventure, enhancing the overall tone of the movie and immersing viewers in the storyline.

Anthony Smith

The soundtrack of The Tuxedo perfectly complements the fast-paced action sequences, adding an extra layer of excitement to the film.