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Rating: 7.30/10 from 4100 votes
Tags: lyndon b. johnson character, visiting a grave, speechwriter
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Camino a la guerra

Title in Italiano:

Path to War - L'altro Vietnam

Title in Português:

Caminho para a Guerra

Title in Français:

Sur le chemin de la guerre

Title in Türk:

Sur le chemin de la guerre


"Path to War" is a portrayal of the Lyndon B. Johnson (Sir Michael Gambon) Presidency and its spiralling descent into the Vietnam War. Acting on often conflicting advice from his Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara (Alec Baldwin) and other advisers, President Johnson finds his domestic policy agenda for the Great Society overtaken by an ever demanding commitment to ending the war. It also depicts his political skills as he crosses swords with political foes such as Robert F. Kennedy (himself) and Governor George Wallace (Gary Sinise). Despite support and encouragement from stalwart friends such as Clark Clifford (Donald Sutherland), Johnson realizes his management of the war no longer has the confidence of the American people and announces that he will not seek the nomination of the Democratic party for the the 1968 election.

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Path to War
Artist's Life
Johann Strauss: Writer
Hail to the Chief
James Sanderson: Writer
The Eyes of Texas
Hey There
Richard Adler: Writer
Fanfare for the Common Man
Aaron Copland: (uncredited) composed
Artist's Life
Johann Strauss: Performer
Tribute to the Common Man
Richard Adler: Performer
Richard Adler: Performer

User reviews

David Martin

The use of different musical motifs and instrumentation in the soundtrack effectively conveys the internal struggles and conflicts faced by President Johnson and his advisors. The score is skillfully composed to mirror the political intricacies and personal dilemmas depicted in the movie, adding depth and resonance to the storytelling.

Joshua Phillips

The music in Path to War skillfully mirrors the internal struggles and external pressures faced by President Johnson. The gradual build-up of tension in certain tracks mirrors the escalating conflict both on the battlefield and within the administration.

Emily Mitchell

The soundtrack's orchestral arrangements and poignant melodies resonated with me long after watching the film, showcasing the composer's skill in creating memorable and impactful music.

Brian Young

The lack of thematic coherence in the soundtrack of Path to War made it difficult to follow the narrative arc and fully engage with the story. The disjointed and haphazard arrangement of musical cues left me feeling disconnected from the film's themes and messages, ultimately diminishing its impact.

Stephanie Taylor

The soundtrack of Path to War provides a poignant backdrop to the portrayal of political maneuvering and personal dilemmas. The music not only sets the tone for the era but also adds depth to the characters' motivations and challenges, making the viewing experience more immersive.

Karen Hill

The soundtrack's use of different musical themes and motifs helps to underscore the shifting dynamics and personal struggles of the characters, adding depth to the storytelling.

Nancy White

Overall, the Path to War soundtrack is a standout element of the film, effectively elevating the storytelling and providing a touching and powerful accompaniment to the on-screen events.

Andrew Wilson

The soundtrack of Path to War effectively captures the intensity and complexity of the political decisions surrounding the Vietnam War. The use of orchestral arrangements and somber melodies enhances the emotional weight of the story.

Michelle Gonzalez

The Path to War soundtrack beautifully captures the emotional depth and complexity of the film's portrayal of President Johnson's descent into the Vietnam War.

Andrew Lee

The soundtrack of Path to War failed to capture the emotional complexity and intensity of the political drama unfolding on screen. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the gravitas needed to enhance the audience's connection to the characters and their struggles.

Mark Moore

I appreciated how the music in Path to War evoked a sense of historical authenticity, transporting me back to the turbulent political landscape of the 1960s.

Susan Clark

The use of repetitive motifs in the film's score became distracting and monotonous, detracting from the overall viewing experience. Instead of adding depth and nuance to key moments, the music felt like a mere background noise that failed to evoke the intended mood or tension.

Betty King

The music effectively enhances the tension and drama of the political conflicts depicted in the movie, creating a powerful and immersive viewing experience.

Melissa Perez

The soundtrack of Path to War truly captures the emotional complexity and intensity of the events portrayed in the film. The music enhances the tension and drama of President Johnson's descent into the Vietnam War, creating a powerful and immersive viewing experience.