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Paulina is a young lawyer with a promising career in Buenos Aires, who chooses to go back to her home town. Her father, Fernando, is a well known judge. Against his will, Paulina decides to teach in a suburban high school as part of an inclusion program. One night, after the second week working there, she's brutally assaulted by a gang. With the disapproval of the people around her, she decides to go back to work, in the neighborhood where she was attacked, without realizing that her attackers may be even closer than she thought

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Eternity's Sunrise
Song of the Angel
Petra: a ritual dream
Sappho: Lyrical Fragments
Funeral Canticle
The Suspended Step Of The Stork: Refugee's Theme - Live
The Weeping Meadow: The Weeping Meadow I - Live
Ulysses' Gaze / 10. Ulysses' Gaze - Woman's Theme / Ulysses' Theme / Lento / Largo / Dance: Dance - Live
Euripides Trojan Women: An Ode Of Tears - Live
Euripides Trojan Women: For The Phrygian Land A Vast Mourning - Live
Eternity And A Day: 2. By The Sea - Live
Eternity And A Day: 5. Depart And Eternity Theme - Live
Rosa: Rosa's Aria - Live
The Weeping Meadow: Memories - Live
Euripides Trojan Women: Hecuba's Lament / Hecuba's Theme II - Live
Euripides Trojan Women: Telamon, You Came To Conquer Our Town - Live
Euripides Trojan Women: The City That Gave Birth To You Was Consumed By Fire - Live
The Weeping Meadow: Theme Of The Uprooting I - Live
The Weeping Meadow: The Weeping Meadow II - Live
Voyage To Cythera: Voyage - Live
Voyage To Cythera: Voyage To Cythera - Live
The Weeping Meadow: On the Road - Live
Happy Homecoming, Comrade: Parade - Live
Happy Homecoming, Comrade: Return - Live
Fantasia in F-Sharp Minor, Wq. 80 "Bachs Empfindungen"
In a Landscape
Abschied, S. 251
Nocturne in F Minor "La séparation"
Prélude in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 45
Élégie, L. 138
Four Dirges, Sz. 45, Op. 9a: 1. Adagio
Der Bote
Particle 1
Broken Line 1
Plateaux 1
Particle 2
Broken Line 2
Plateaux 2/End
Xerrox Phaser Acat 1
Xerrox Rin
Xerrox Soma
Xerrox Meta Phaser
Xerrox Sora 1
Xerrox Monophaser 1
Xerrox Monophaser 2
Xerrox Teion
Xerrox Teion Acat
Xerrox Tek Part 1
Xerrox Monophaser 3
Unitxt Code (Data to AIFF)
Piano Quintet, V
I Got You