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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:


Title in Italiano:

Un computer a 4 zampe

Title in Português:

O Agente Canino


Alex knows the whereabouts of a stashed-away fortune of $1 million. The mysterious Anja murders him, but he's transferred clues of location of the cash onto computer disk that he gives to his dog called PC, who has to find a friend of Alex, Susie. PC was taken in by 14 year old Zac and his family who are neighbours of Susie where he creates an application that translates his barking into plain English. Zac allows PC to choose a voice with a Scottish accent and made a portable translator with a PDA and a microphone in a bow-tie so he can talk away from the computer. Anja traced him to the neighbourhood so now PC has to help Zac and Susie's daughter Samantha find the million dollars before Anja does.

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