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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Tierra prometida

Title in Italiano:

Terra promessa

Title in Português:

Terra Prometida

Title in Français:

Promised Land

Title in Türk:

Vadedilmiş ülke

Title in Deutsch:

Promised Land


Promised Land

It's just before Christmas, two years after David Hancock, Mary Daley and Danny Rivers were classmates at Ashville High School in small town Ashville, Utah, David then the basketball star, Mary the cheerleader, and Danny the unassuming geek, his generally quiet state masking a simmering turbulent and unsettled nature underneath as witnessed by he sneaking out of town for good before graduation without telling his family.

At the time, Danny was secretly in love with Mary and openly in awe of David, both who he was surprised considered him a friend of sorts, while David and Mary arguably saw their burgeoning relationship as possibly being for the long haul as they thought about their immediate future going to college together, David on a basketball scholarship.

While they are still dating in some respects, David and Mary are now at a crossroads in their relationship in their lives diverging, which started when David dropped out of college upon the loss of his scholarship - he unable to continue on academic merit alone - only to return to Ashville ultimately to get a job as an officer in the local police force.

While being back in Ashville provides him with some continued adulation from residents who still see him as the basketball star, he can only see his life now as that unfulfilled promise of greatness. Meanwhile, Danny has ended up a drifter, and still unsettled in nature, has just married Bev Sykes, a proverbial wild child, her recklessness also masking some deep insecurities.

For the first time since that quiet departure, Danny decides it's time to "go home" for his family and Bev to meet, he talking to his mother once on the telephone in that intervening time as his only connection to home. David, Mary, Danny and Bev's lives will collide on this fateful Christmas back in Ashville, this collision not only them as physical beings but what they now represent in society.

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Promised Land
O Magnum Mysterium
Love Really Hurts Without You
Billy Ocean: Performer
Will the Wolf Survive
Los Lobos: Performer
David Hidalgo: Writer
Away in a Manger
Reba McEntire: Performer
Dreams and Promises
Michael Lloyd: Produced and arranged

User reviews

Donald Wilson

The use of melancholic melodies in the soundtrack enhances the themes of lost opportunities and unfulfilled potential, creating a sense of longing and reflection throughout the film.

Ronald Thompson

The soundtrack of Promised Land effectively underscores the dramatic tension and emotional turmoil that unfolds as the characters' paths intersect once again, building towards a climactic and poignant resolution.

Joseph Smith

The instrumental compositions in Promised Land evoke a sense of place and time, transporting the audience to the small town of Ashville and immersing them in the characters' interconnected lives.

Nancy Taylor

The score of Promised Land felt out of place at times, overshadowing pivotal moments in the film and detracting from the overall impact of the narrative.

Mary Hill

Overall, the music in Promised Land serves as a powerful narrative tool, enhancing the storytelling and deepening the audience's connection to the characters' personal journeys and intertwined fates.

Susan Miller

The music choices in Promised Land were repetitive and uninspired, offering little variety or originality to enhance the viewing experience.

Donald Wilson

The music in Promised Land seamlessly transitions between moments of nostalgia, hope, and regret, mirroring the characters' internal struggles as they confront their past and present circumstances.

Donald Garcia

The soundtrack of Promised Land failed to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' relationships, leaving the audience feeling disconnected from the story.

David Lee

The soundtrack of Promised Land effectively captures the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' relationships, adding layers of intensity to their interactions.

Melissa Nelson

The soundtrack of Promised Land perfectly captures the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' intertwined destinies. The music enhances the tension and nostalgia of their relationships, creating a powerful and immersive experience for the audience.

Deborah Roberts

Each track in the soundtrack of Promised Land skillfully conveys the inner turmoil and unresolved feelings of the characters, adding layers of depth to their individual journeys. The music becomes a character in itself, guiding the audience through the emotional landscape of the story with haunting melodies and evocative arrangements.