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Donna has a drunken revelation on her hen night and decides that she has been missing out on the single life. So with just days to go, she calls off her wedding to fiancé Karl and moves in with her two best friends - Karen, an irresponsible primary school teacher, and Louise, a hopelessly romantic waitress.

Will Donna find what she is looking for? Or will she find that the grass isn't always greener on the other side? Including a supporting cast of weird and wonderful ensemble characters, we follow the three girls as they try to navigate their way through the pitfalls of every day life, with frequently hilarious consequences.

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Baby, I Love You
I Like It Like That
Blue Monday - 2016 Remaster
Sunshine Of Your Love
Sir Duke
I'm Free
The Way You Make Me Feel - 2012 Remaster
You Make My Dreams (Come True)
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - Pt. 1
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Video Killed The Radio Star
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone - Single Version
Dancing In The Street - Stereo
Rock Steady
Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Move on Up - Extended Version
Superstition - Single Version
I Got You (I Feel Good)
Super Freak
Got To Get You Into My Life - Remastered 2009
Don't You Want Me
Club Tropicana
Need You Tonight
Come On Eileen
December, 1963 (Oh What a Night!)
Stuck In The Middle With You
Boogie Wonderland
Rock DJ
Long Train Runnin'
I'm Every Woman
Got to Be Real
Best of My Love
Thinking of You - Dimitri from Paris Remix; 2018 Remaster
Do I Do
Never Too Much
Everywhere - 2017 Remaster
You Can Call Me Al
I'm Coming Out
Let's Dance - Single Version [Remastered]
Heart Of Glass - Special Mix
Sexual Healing
Purple Rain
Private Eyes
West End Girls - 2001 Remaster
If You Leave Me Now
Dancing In the Dark
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Red Red Wine
Bette Davis Eyes
Doo Wop (That Thing)
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Freedom! '90 - Remastered
Groove Is in the Heart
Virtual Insanity - Remastered
How Bizarre
Brimful Of Asha - Norman Cook Remix Single Version

User reviews

Carol Campbell

Overall, I believe that the soundtrack of Pulling missed the mark in creating a memorable and engaging musical backdrop for the series, ultimately falling short of enhancing the viewer's emotional connection to the story.

Lisa Davis

The soundtrack's ability to evoke nostalgia and sentimentality adds a layer of depth to the characters' experiences, making them more relatable and endearing.

Stephanie Turner

The soundtrack of Pulling perfectly captures the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the characters' lives, with a mix of upbeat and melancholic tunes.

Michelle Miller

The songs chosen for key moments in the series evoke a sense of nostalgia and introspection, enhancing the viewer's engagement with the narrative.

Lisa King

The soundtrack of Pulling effectively sets the tone for each episode, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience.

Daniel Allen

The soundtrack of Pulling perfectly captures the essence of the show's quirky and comedic tone.

Ronald Taylor

The catchy tunes and upbeat melodies of the soundtrack create a lively and engaging atmosphere that keeps the audience entertained.

Mary Hall

I found the soundtrack of Pulling to be quite underwhelming and uninspiring. The music failed to capture the essence of the characters' emotional journey and lacked depth in conveying the complexity of their relationships.

Joshua Harris

The music enhances the emotional depth of the series, creating a connection between the audience and the challenges faced by Donna, Karen, and Louise.

Betty Lewis

The songs selected for the soundtrack complement the quirky and offbeat humor of the show, adding a unique and memorable element to the viewing experience.

Michelle Perez

The use of music in the series showcases a thoughtful curation of tracks that enhance the comedic timing and dramatic tension of the scenes.

Thomas Turner

The soundtrack elevates the overall quality of the series, creating a memorable and impactful viewing experience that resonates with the audience.

Joshua Hill

The diversity of genres and styles in the soundtrack adds a dynamic layer to the storytelling, reflecting the different facets of the characters' personalities.

Sarah Allen

The diversity of musical genres used in the soundtrack adds layers to the storytelling, reflecting the different personalities and struggles of the main characters.

Emily Hernandez

Overall, the soundtrack of Pulling enhances the show's narrative and character development, making it a memorable and enjoyable aspect of the series.

Joseph Garcia

The music in Pulling serves as a powerful storytelling tool, conveying the characters' inner thoughts and feelings in a way that dialogue alone cannot achieve.

Thomas Campbell

The seamless integration of music into key scenes elevates the overall viewing experience, making the show more immersive and enjoyable.

Brian Brown

The music selection enhances the emotional depth of Donna's journey, from her drunken revelation to the moments of self-discovery throughout the series.

Mark Gonzalez

The music in Pulling is a standout feature of the show, demonstrating the importance of sound design in enhancing the narrative and emotional depth of the characters.

Sarah Carter

The choice of songs seemed disconnected from the narrative and often felt out of place, failing to enhance the overall viewing experience. The lack of cohesion in the soundtrack detracted from the storytelling and left me feeling disconnected from the characters' experiences.