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Against the glamorous backdrops of the French Riviera and Yugoslavia's Adriatic coast, sons and daughter of members of a U.S. WWII bomber squad search for the former commandant of an infamous German concentration camp who was responsible for their parents' brutal torture and murders. Aided by a surviving crew member Steve Fuller, and Inspector Marko Simic (George Montgomery) of the "INTERPOL," Mike Davis, Brad Hansen and Carla Lawton begin an action packed manhunt from Trieste to Cannes, following the trail of the bullet-riddled corpses left by General Von Brock, now known as Bruno Hesse, one of he world's most powerful international industrialists. Intimidated by Von Brock's influence with the various governments he deals with, both Interpol and the police must overcome insurmountable odds in order to bring this ruthless murderer to justice.

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Welcome Back to You
Tuer les gens
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