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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:


Title in Italiano:

Codice Magnum

Title in Português:

O Massacre

Title in Français:

Le contrat

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Title in Deutsch:

Der City Hai


Raw Deal

Small-town lawman Sheriff Mark Kaminski, a dishonoured agent kicked out of the FBI for excessive brutality, agrees to lend an old friend a hand. But to infiltrate Luigi Patrovita's powerful Chicago mafia, the tough officer will need all the help he can get. As revenge fuels the suicide mission, Mark, now posing as the mysterious Joseph P. Brenner, must use every trick in the book to force his way through the crime organisation and tear it apart from the inside. For the sake of his friend, Mark takes the law into his own hands in this deadly unofficial assignment. However, how far can the intruder go without blowing his cover?

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Raw Deal
One Way Rider
Rodney Crowell: Writer
Ricky Skaggs: Performer
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Mick Jagger: Writer
The Rolling Stones: Performer
Kaminski Stomps
Claude Gaudette: Writer
I've seen that face before (Libertango)
Grace Jones: Performer
Astor Piazzolla: Performer
Barry Reynolds: English lyrics
If Looks Could Kill
Pamala Stanley: Performer
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Mick Jagger: Performer
I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
Astor Piazzolla: Performer

User reviews

Joseph White

The band soundtrack of Raw Deal truly captivates the gritty and intense atmosphere of the film. Each track perfectly complements the action-packed scenes, enhancing the tension and drama to another level.

Donna Williams

The soundtrack of Raw Deal perfectly captures the gritty and intense atmosphere of the film. The use of synthesizers and electric guitars creates a sense of tension and excitement throughout the movie.

John Campbell

The use of synthesizers and electronic beats in the soundtrack gives it a unique and modern edge, creating a sense of urgency and tension that keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie.

Michael Perez

The soundtrack of Raw Deal may not be particularly memorable or groundbreaking, but it serves its purpose well by complementing the on-screen action and adding to the overall entertainment value of the movie.

Charles Smith

The musical score seamlessly blends with the on-screen action, heightening the drama and adding an extra layer of excitement to the already gripping story.

Richard Turner

The Raw Deal soundtrack perfectly captures the intense and gritty atmosphere of the film. Each track sets the tone for the high-stakes action and suspenseful moments, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Linda Carter

Overall, the Raw Deal soundtrack is a powerful and dynamic accompaniment to the film, showcasing the talent and creativity of the composer in delivering a memorable and impactful music experience.

Andrew Phillips

The musical score of Raw Deal effectively enhances the action sequences and helps to build suspense in key moments. The pulsating beats and driving rhythms contribute to the overall adrenaline-fueled experience of watching the film.

Dorothy Garcia

The pulsating beats and haunting melodies of the soundtrack stay with you long after the movie is over, immersing you in the world of crime and betrayal portrayed in Raw Deal. The music sets the tone for the entire film, making it a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.