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Tags: simulated gay sex
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In 1978, when the push to decriminalise homosexuality has stalled, a group of activists decide they must make one final attempt to celebrate who they are. Led by former union boss, Lance Gowland, they get a police permit and spread the word. On a freezing winter's night, they cloak themselves in fancy dress, join hands, and parade down oxford street. But they have no idea that angry police lie in wait, and the courage they find that night will finally mobilise the nation.

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Let Me Take You To Rio - Blu's Arrival
Mas Que Nada - 2011 Rio Version
Pretty Bird
Telling The World
Funky Monkey
Take You To Rio
Balanco Carioca
Sapo Cai
Samba De Orly
Valsa Carioca
20th Century Fox Fanfare (Rio 2 Samba Version)
Batucada Pagode (Featuring Carlinhos Brown)
Over the Falls (Featuring Milton Nascimento)
Breakfast in Rio
Fireworks on the Roof (Featuring UAKTI)
Traveling Family
Sideshow Freaks (feat. UAKTI) (feat. UAKTI)
Stalking the Ferry
River Boat to the Loggers (Featuring Carlinhos Brown and UAKTI)
Escorted to the Clan (Featuring UAKTI and Barbatuques)