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Rating: 5.80/10 from 93000 votes
Tags: throwing food, cyborg villain, cyborg versus cyborg
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RoboCop 2

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RoboCop 2

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RoboCop 2


Haunted by fragmented memories of his family after the events of RoboCop (1987), Officer Alex Murphy is back in action in nearly bankrupt, crime-infested Detroit.

But with a highly addictive synthetic opioid sold on the streets and the giant OCP corporation on the verge of implementing its sinister plan, Murphy is fighting a losing battle.

And as delusional psychopath Cain, the fanatical leader of the dangerous Nuke Cult, enters the equation, a technologically superior successor to the city's armoured defender emerges.

This time, the odds stack against the metallic patrolman.

Is the part-man, part-machine police officer ready for duty?

Can the unstoppable RoboCop combat the massive crime wave that has swept Detroit?

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RoboCop 2
Mars Bonfire: Writer
The Kid Goes Wild
Babylon A.D.: Performer

User reviews

Lisa White

The musical themes in RoboCop 2 failed to capture the essence of the gritty and dystopian setting of Detroit plagued by crime and corruption. The soundtrack did not create the immersive atmosphere that would have elevated the viewing experience and made the story more engaging.

Amanda Walker

The soundtrack successfully conveys the inner struggle of Officer Alex Murphy as he grapples with his fragmented memories and battles against the powerful forces threatening Detroit.

Ashley Phillips

The soundtrack of RoboCop 2 brilliantly captures the gritty and dystopian atmosphere of the movie, enhancing the viewer's immersion in the crime-infested world of Detroit.

Stephanie Moore

I found the score of RoboCop 2 to be repetitive and monotonous, with little variation in tone or mood throughout the film. The lack of dynamic range in the music made it difficult to connect with the characters and their struggles, leaving me feeling disconnected from the narrative.

Karen Allen

The electronic and industrial music elements in the score complement the high-tech and futuristic themes of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Donna Carter

The soundtrack of RoboCop 2 effectively captures the dark and gritty atmosphere of the crime-infested Detroit setting, adding depth to the narrative.

Ronald Anderson

The music perfectly complements the intense action sequences and adds depth to the emotional struggles of Officer Alex Murphy, creating a powerful and engaging cinematic experience for the audience.

Nancy Thompson

The soundtrack of RoboCop 2 felt uninspired and lacking in emotional depth. I was hoping for music that would enhance the intense action sequences and the inner turmoil of the characters, but instead, it felt generic and forgettable.

Michael Martinez

Overall, the music in RoboCop 2 enhances the action sequences and character development, creating a memorable and immersive sonic backdrop for the film.

Ronald Nelson

The use of orchestral arrangements in certain tracks adds a sense of drama and intensity to key moments in the movie, elevating the emotional impact of the scenes.