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See You Yesterday

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See You Yesterday


See You Yesterday is a science fiction film that follows the story of two teenage prodigies, C.J. and Sebastian, who have created a time machine. They use their invention to go back in time and prevent the tragic death of C.J.'s brother. However, their mission becomes complicated when they realize that changing the past has unforeseen consequences.

The film explores themes of friendship, loss, and the ethical implications of altering the past. As C.J. and Sebastian race against time to fix their mistakes, they must confront the reality that some events are beyond their control.

See You Yesterday is a thrilling and thought-provoking film that challenges viewers to consider the consequences of their actions and the power of second chances.

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See You Yesterday
You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) (Extended Mix)
Bo Diddley: Writer
Hey Up There
Oh Yay
Caribbean Dandy

User reviews

Nancy Clark

The music in the film played a crucial role in building tension and suspense, keeping me engaged and invested in the characters' journey.

Andrew Davis

The memorable musical motifs in See You Yesterday stay with the viewer long after the film ends, adding an extra layer of depth to the overall storytelling.

Kimberly White

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the narrative, enhancing the emotional impact of key moments in the film.

Richard Evans

The use of different musical styles in the film's soundtrack helped to underscore the various themes and emotions explored throughout the story.

Amanda Brown

I appreciated how the soundtrack of See You Yesterday seamlessly integrated with the plot, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience.

Emily Gonzalez

Overall, the soundtrack of See You Yesterday is a standout feature of the film, elevating it to a truly captivating and impactful viewing experience.

Mary Baker

The variety of musical styles used in the soundtrack adds layers of complexity to the characters and their motivations, creating a rich and immersive viewing experience.

Carol Allen

The soundtrack of See You Yesterday effectively captured the essence of the characters' relationships and the challenges they faced, adding depth to their development.

Thomas Adams

The soundtrack's use of haunting melodies and powerful rhythms perfectly complements the film's exploration of ethical dilemmas and the limits of human control.

Timothy Allen

The music in See You Yesterday effectively conveys the sense of urgency and desperation as C.J. and Sebastian try to undo the past and save C.J.'s brother.

Margaret Adams

The soundtrack of See You Yesterday perfectly captures the emotional depth of the film's themes of friendship and loss.

Thomas Anderson

The music in the movie effectively conveys the sense of time travel and the complexity of altering the past, adding depth to the narrative.

David Turner

The music enhances the tension and suspense of the story as C.J. and Sebastian navigate the complexities of time travel and its consequences.

James Jackson

The soundtrack of See You Yesterday skillfully balanced moments of intensity with poignant and reflective melodies, creating a dynamic listening experience.

Amanda Smith

Overall, the music in See You Yesterday not only complemented the visuals but also elevated the storytelling, making it a memorable and impactful viewing experience.

Brian Mitchell

The soundtrack of See You Yesterday perfectly captures the tension and urgency of the story, enhancing the emotional impact of the film.

Mark Mitchell

I found the soundtrack of See You Yesterday to be a standout aspect of the film, enhancing the overall atmosphere and mood of the story.