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Ryo, a respected Japanese student sees his father killed in front of his own eyes. He sets out to find the man in charge of his fathers death and the mystery of who and why?

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Shenmue - Sedge Tree -
Shenhua's Poem
Investigating the House
Memories of Distant Days
The Theme Of QTE Fight
The Night Falls
Nozomi's Confession
A Predestined Encounter
Yokosuka Blues
Chai's Attack
A Technique Passed Down
Working Man
Harbor Beats
Heedless of Danger
Earth and Sea
Parting Tears
Setting Off
Boundless Lands
Good Luck Song for Travelers
Worker's Pier - City by the Beautiful Sea
Wise Men's Quarter - Visiting History and Tradition
Seeking the Four Wude
One in the Body and Spirit
A Gaze of Elegance
A Lovely Girl
Flurry of Ducks
A Man Named Ren
heart made of iron
A Mesmerizing Knife
Encounter with Lan Di
Views of Scenic Beauty
Idle Seasons
An Encounter Fulfilled
Departure on a New Journey
Shenhua - Sedge Flower -
Shenmue Theme - Piano
Shenhua - Sedge Flower - Original Version
Hide & Seek
Village Legend
With the Earth
Spoken Words
Look to the Sky
The Place Where the Sun Sets - Version 2
Secret of a Warehouse
The Bell Tower
Father's Letter
Chasing Memories
Secret Room
Seeking Truth
Hermit's Nest