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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Six Days

Title in Italiano:

Six Days

Title in Português:

Six Days


After witnessing a terrible crime resulting in the death of his Wife, Sean Thompson and his son Daniel go up against some powerful adversaries. Sean is infected by a cocktail of lethal injections that give him 6 days to live. Can he find a cure and avenge the death of his Wife in time?

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Six Days
Love Theme
Kindergarten Cop Medley Kindergarten Cop
Peter's Family
An Untimely Accident
Phone Tag
Dreaming Of Florence
He's Alive
Riverside Walk
A Testacular Situation
Jack And Lucy
Leave It To Sol
The Dream Is Over
Sound Advice
Tear Jerking Tale
Bumpy Encounter
A Happy Ending
Astoria School Theme / Children's Montage (From "Kindergarten Cop")
Into the Mist - from Six Days and Seven Nights
Kate's Theme / End Credits