Skool Daze Soundtrack (

Skool Daze Soundtrack (1985) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Skool Daze

Title in Italiano:

Skool Daze

Title in Português:

Skool Daze


Play as Eric with various tasks around the school.

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Play Title Artist
Skool Daze
Cupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America
Don't Matter
Akon: Artist
With You
Chris Brown: Artist
Walk Away (Remember Me) (feat. The DEY)
Paula DeAnda: Artist
The DEY: Artist
Shortie Like Mine (feat. Chris Brown & Johntá Austin)
Chris Brown: Artist
Johnta Austin: Artist
Bow Wow: Artist
What Goes Around.../...Comes Around (Interlude)
Ice Box
Omarion: Artist
Ride Wit Me
Nelly: Artist
City Spud: Artist
Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) (feat. Akon, Lil' Wayne & Niia)
Wyclef Jean: Artist
Akon: Artist
Lil Wayne: Artist
Niia: Artist
Whatever You Like
T.I.: Artist