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Tags: fictional plot
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One mistake will change many lives. SOVIA, a nurse, makes a fatal mistake in the emergency room, killing a patient. Later that night, Sovia has a surreal, near death experience in which the deceased patient appears and touches her shoulder. When Sovia recovers, she finds a bruise has developed at the exact place she was touched by the deceased. Unknowingly, she passes the bruise to others - who are then killed at the hands of the deceased. Sovia becomes the prime suspect in the murders and she begins to discover the truth. Since nobody believes her, it is up to Sovia to try to save herself and the others.

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GOOD TIMES - Sofia Kourtesis Remix
Jungle: Artist
Sofia Kourtesis: Artist
Surusinghe: Artist
Oi - Sofia Kourtesis Remix
altrice: Artist
deep stay: Artist
Anish Kumar: Artist
Right to Riot
Take Two
Daphni: Artist
Your Love (Sofia Kourtesis Remix)
Tourist: Artist
Sofia Kourtesis: Artist
Pax - Four Tet Remix
Four Tet: Artist
Chloé Robinson: Artist
DJ ADHD: Artist
TSHA: Artist