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Stand by Me : Compte sur moi Soundtrack (1986) cover

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Rating: 8.10/10 from 443000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Cuenta conmigo

Title in Português:

Conta Comigo

Title in Français:

Stand by Me : Compte sur moi

Title in Türk:

Benimle kal


Stand by Me is a coming-of-age film based on a novella by Stephen King. The story follows four young boys who set out on a journey to find the body of a missing boy in the woods.

As they navigate through the wilderness, they encounter various obstacles and challenges that test their friendship and courage. Along the way, they also confront their own fears and insecurities, ultimately learning valuable lessons about loyalty, bravery, and the complexities of growing up.

Stand by Me is a poignant and heartfelt tale that captures the essence of childhood innocence and the bittersweet process of maturing into adulthood.

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Stand by Me : Compte sur moi
Stand By Me
Ben E. King: Performer
Rockin' Robin
Bobby Day: Performer
Great Balls of Fire
Jerry Lee Lewis: Performer
The Ballad of Paladin
Wil Wheaton: Performer
Whispering Bells
The Del Vikings: Performer
Fred Lowery: Writer
Let the Good Times Roll
Shirley Goodman: Writer
Shirley & Lee: Performer
Book of Love
The Monotones: Performer
The Chordettes: Performer
Buddy Holly: Performer
Come Go with Me
The Del Vikings: Performer
Come Softly To Me
The Fleetwoods: Performer
Gary Troxel: Writer
The Mystics: Performer
Get a Job
The Silhouettes: Performer
Yakety Yak
The Coasters: Performer
Mr. Lee
The Bobbettes: Performer
Reather Dixon: Writer
Rockin' Robin
Leon René: Performer
Mr. Sandman
Jerry Leiber: Performer

User reviews

Laura Martin

The soundtrack of Stand by Me felt repetitive and uninspired to me. While the songs chosen might have fit the nostalgic tone of the film, they failed to enhance the emotional depth of the story or create a more immersive experience for the viewers.

Timothy Scott

Overall, the music in Stand by Me elevates the film to a higher emotional and artistic level. The songs become an integral part of the storytelling, enhancing the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Donna Turner

The soundtrack of Stand by Me is a timeless collection of songs that transcend generations. The music speaks to universal themes of friendship, loss, and self-discovery, making it relatable to audiences of all ages.

Melissa Jones

The music enhances the storytelling, creating a powerful connection between the audience and the characters' journey. The blend of classic tracks from the 1950s and 1960s adds authenticity and a timeless quality to the film, transporting viewers to a different era.

Sarah Campbell

The music in Stand by Me enhances the coming-of-age theme of the movie, highlighting the characters' growth and evolution throughout their adventure. The songs create a deep connection with the audience and add layers of depth to the narrative.

Steven Harris

The choice of songs in Stand by Me is impeccable, as each track complements the mood and atmosphere of the scenes. The music enhances the emotional impact of key moments and resonates with the audience on a profound level.

Amanda Hall

Overall, the soundtrack of Stand by Me is a masterful work of art that elevates the viewing experience and immerses the audience in the poignant and heartfelt narrative of friendship, loss, and self-discovery.

Timothy Walker

Listening to the music from Stand by Me outside of the film context still evokes the same feelings of nostalgia and reflection. The songs stand on their own as powerful pieces of art that resonate with listeners long after the movie has ended.

Deborah Clark

The soundtrack of Stand by Me perfectly captures the nostalgic and emotional journey of the young boys in the film. Each song enhances the storytelling and evokes a sense of longing and reminiscence.

Edward Wilson

The soundtrack of Stand by Me is a masterful blend of classic hits and original compositions, creating a rich tapestry of sound that immerses the viewer in the world of the film. The songs are not just background noise but integral elements that drive the story forward.

Kimberly Hernandez

The soundtrack of Stand by Me perfectly encapsulates the nostalgic and emotional journey of the film. Each song resonates with the themes of friendship, adventure, and self-discovery, enhancing the storytelling experience.

Michelle Johnson

I found the musical choices in Stand by Me to be somewhat disconnected from the themes and emotions portrayed on screen. The songs seemed more like an afterthought rather than a carefully curated selection that could have elevated the overall impact of the film.

Ronald Baker

The music beautifully complements the coming-of-age narrative, evoking a sense of longing and reflection that transports the audience back to their own memories of youth. The carefully curated tracks enhance the mood of each scene, creating a powerful connection between the characters and the audience.

Stephanie Baker

Listening to the soundtrack of Stand by Me not only enhances the viewing experience but also stands on its own as a captivating collection of songs that evoke a range of emotions, from joy to melancholy. The music truly adds another layer of depth and emotion to this timeless tale of friendship and growing up.

David Lewis

The soundtrack of Stand by Me perfectly complements the emotional depth and nostalgic feeling of the film. Each song is carefully selected to evoke a sense of longing and reminiscence that resonates with the coming-of-age theme.