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Suburra - La serie

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Suburra: Blood on Rome is an Italian crime drama television series that follows the power struggles and corruption in Rome's underworld. The show is set in the seaside town of Ostia, where a deadly battle for control of the city's criminal activities unfolds.

The series revolves around three main characters: Aureliano Adami, a young and ambitious member of a powerful crime family; Spadino Anacleti, a cunning and ruthless member of a local crime syndicate; and Lele Marchilli, a disgraced politician who gets caught up in the dangerous world of organized crime.

As the three characters navigate the treacherous waters of the criminal underworld, they must make difficult choices that will ultimately determine their fates. Betrayal, violence, and intrigue abound as they each strive to achieve their own goals and rise to the top of the criminal hierarchy.

Suburra: Blood on Rome is a gripping and intense series that delves into the dark side of Rome, showcasing the lengths that people will go to in order to gain power and control. With its complex characters and intricate plot, the show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they witness the deadly consequences of greed and ambition.

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Suburra: Blood on Rome
Midnight City
Sister (Part 2)
In The Cold I'm Standing
Waves, waves, waves
My own strange path
We Own The Sky
On a white lake, near a green mountain
By the kiss
Violet Tree

User reviews

Andrew White

Edward Martinez

Mark Phillips

The use of music in key moments of betrayal and violence heightens the impact of these scenes, making them even more powerful and memorable.

Edward Thomas

The soundtrack seamlessly blends traditional Italian music with modern compositions, creating a unique and compelling sound that fits the tone of the series perfectly.

Ashley Thompson

I appreciate how the soundtrack reflects the different personalities of the main characters, creating a more immersive and engaging narrative.

Edward Davis

The soundtrack's ability to evoke a sense of place and time in Rome's underworld adds an extra layer of authenticity to the series, immersing viewers in the gritty and dangerous world of organized crime.

Amanda Lopez

The variety of musical styles and genres used in the soundtrack adds richness and complexity to the storytelling, enhancing the overall thematic depth of the show.

Laura Evans

The variety of musical styles in the soundtrack adds richness to the series, from haunting melodies to intense beats, each track contributing to the overall mood and tone of the show.

Dorothy Adams

The soundtrack perfectly captures the emotions and struggles of the main characters, enhancing their development and adding layers to their motivations and actions.

Kenneth Jackson

The music choices effectively build tension and suspense throughout the show, adding depth to the power struggles and corruption depicted in Rome's underworld.

Susan Phillips

The use of Italian music in the soundtrack helps to immerse the audience in the setting of Rome's underworld, creating an authentic and immersive viewing experience.