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Teenage is a coming-of-age story about a group of high school friends navigating the ups and downs of adolescence. As they struggle with issues like peer pressure, relationships, and self-discovery, they learn valuable lessons about friendship and growing up.

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Let Me Down
Gimme Love
Cash Machine
feel something
(Online Love)
Devil Town
Prom Queen
Come a Little Closer
Come As You Are
Tongue Tied
I Can't Handle Change
You Know It
Still Don't Know My Name
Midnight City
Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin)
Someone To You
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Left Hand Free
Crust Bucket
A Sky Full of Stars
We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)
American Money
Use Somebody
Electric Love
New Flesh
Girls In Bikinis
All The Things She Said
Ghost Town
Where Is My Mind?
we fell in love in october
i wanna be your girlfriend
summer depression
Sweater Weather
NEVER MET! (feat. Glitch Gum)
I Threw Glass at My Friend's Eyes and Now I'm on Probation
I'm Yer Dad
The Cult of Dionysus
Arms Tonite
Crazy Girls
bad idea!
Boys Will Be Bugs
The Bidding
I Disagree
Yours & Mine
I Love You So

User reviews

Donna Davis

The soundtrack of Teenage perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence with its diverse mix of songs that evoke nostalgia and excitement.

Charles Miller

I found myself humming along to the catchy tunes in Teenage long after the movie had ended, a testament to the infectious energy and relatability of the soundtrack.

Thomas Smith

The soundtrack of Teenage made me feel like I was reliving my own high school experiences, as each song seemed to capture a different facet of teenage life and the challenges that come with it.

Kimberly Williams

I found the music in Teenage to be a powerful storytelling tool, enhancing the characters' journeys and adding depth to their personal struggles.

Donna Baker

The soundtrack of Teenage perfectly captures the emotions and experiences of adolescence, enhancing the storytelling and making the scenes even more impactful. Each song seems carefully chosen to resonate with the themes of self-discovery and friendship, creating a deep connection with the characters and their journey.

Karen Baker

The variety of music genres in the soundtrack of Teenage adds depth and richness to the storytelling, reflecting the diverse experiences and emotions of the characters. From upbeat pop songs to heartfelt ballads, each track contributes to the overall atmosphere of the film, making it a truly immersive and memorable viewing experience.

Charles Johnson

I appreciated how the music in Teenage mirrored the characters' emotions, from the upbeat tracks during moments of joy to the melancholic melodies that underscored moments of sadness and reflection.

Betty Evans

The diverse range of musical genres and styles in the soundtrack of Teenage adds a rich layer of authenticity to the coming-of-age story. From upbeat pop tunes to emotional ballads, the music not only sets the mood for each scene but also resonates with the audience, making the film even more relatable and engaging.

George King

Overall, I believe that the soundtrack of Teenage played a crucial role in shaping the movie's atmosphere and emotional impact, making it a standout feature of the film that resonated with me on a personal level.

Laura Lee

The music choices in Teenage were not only enjoyable to listen to, but also helped set the tone for each scene, enhancing the overall viewing experience and drawing me deeper into the story.

Brian Thomas

The way the soundtrack seamlessly blends contemporary hits with classic tunes really appealed to me, creating a sense of timelessness that resonated with the coming-of-age theme of the movie.

Mary Evans

The soundtrack of Teenage perfectly captures the emotions and experiences of the characters as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. Each song enhances the storytelling and adds depth to the characters' journey, making it a truly immersive viewing experience.