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Rating: 8.80/10 from 57000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La víbora negra

Title in Italiano:

Blackadder Goes Forth

Title in Português:

Blackadder - Vierter Teil

Title in Français:

La vipère noire IV


Blackadder Goes Forth is set in 1917, with General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett leading the British troops against the Germans. Everyone is waiting for Field Marshall Haig's big push, which elicits various emotions throughout the camp.

For Captain Kevin Darling, Melchett's right-hand man, the big push makes no difference as he believes he will be safe with the general. Lieutenant George Colhurst Saint Barleigh is excited about thrashing the Germans, while Private S. Baldrick is terrified of the experience.

However, for Captain Edmund Blackadder, the cowardly and self-centered protagonist, facing the big push is something he dreads. Always searching for a way out of the war, Blackadder tries crazy escape plans that never go as expected.

Sharing a dugout with George and Baldrick, Blackadder's main obstacle for escape is Darling, who ensures everyone is present for the big push.

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Blackadder Goes Forth

User reviews

Patricia Adams

I found the music to be repetitive and lacking in originality, failing to create a memorable atmosphere that would have complemented the dark humor and satire of the show. The soundtrack missed an opportunity to elevate key moments and instead felt like an afterthought in the overall production.

Nancy Nelson

The use of period-appropriate instrumentation and musical styles adds authenticity to the overall atmosphere of the series.

Deborah Baker

The music effectively conveys the contrasting emotions felt by the characters, from excitement to fear and desperation.

Linda Evans

Overall, the music in Blackadder Goes Forth plays a crucial role in enhancing the storytelling and immersing the audience in the world of the characters.

Brian Adams

The Blackadder Goes Forth soundtrack perfectly captures the somber and tense atmosphere of World War I in 1917. The music sets the tone for the show's dark humor and satirical take on the war, enhancing the storytelling and character development.

Joshua Rodriguez

The emotional depth and range of the soundtrack in Blackadder Goes Forth effectively convey the contrasting feelings of anticipation, fear, excitement, and desperation among the characters. The music adds layers to the narrative, bringing out the complexities of each character's motivations and struggles in a war-torn setting.

Kimberly Allen

The score enhances the comedic elements of the show, adding a layer of irony and satire to the wartime setting.

James Garcia

The soundtrack's ability to evoke a sense of time and place in World War I is truly impressive.

Kenneth Martinez

The use of somber melodies and melancholic tones reflects the grim reality of war portrayed in the series.

George King

The soundtrack of Blackadder Goes Forth perfectly captures the tension and anticipation of the characters waiting for the big push in 1917.

Emily Jackson

The soundtrack of Blackadder Goes Forth fails to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' experiences during World War I. Instead of enhancing the tension and drama of the big push, the music felt generic and uninspired.

Lisa Taylor

The emotional depth of the music enhances the audience's connection to the characters and their struggles.

Joseph Lewis

The soundtrack's ability to shift seamlessly between moments of drama and comedy showcases its versatility and skillful composition.

Mark Martinez

The composition of the soundtrack reflects the individual personalities of the main characters, from Captain Darling's misplaced confidence to Baldrick's genuine terror. The use of different musical motifs for each character enhances the storytelling and deepens the audience's connection to the narrative.

Margaret Allen

The soundtrack of Blackadder Goes Forth perfectly captures the contrasting emotions of the characters in the midst of World War I. The music effectively conveys the tension, fear, and anticipation felt by the soldiers awaiting the big push ordered by Field Marshall Haig.

Timothy King

Overall, the soundtrack of Blackadder Goes Forth is a masterful piece of work that enhances the viewing experience and immerses the audience in the characters' emotional journey during a tumultuous time in history.