The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father Soundtrack (


The globe-trotting journey that Henry Jones, Jr. undertakes in the early 1900s takes him and his family to Russia. A few clumsy acts put Indy at odds with his father, who is very upset with Indy. Indy flees to the Russian countryside, waking up in the morning in a haystack. He meets a strange and curmudgeonly old man named Leo Tolstoy, who fully agrees that "hell" is other people. Both flee in search of a simpler life. They cross the field, encountering colorful gypsies and avoiding the ferocious Imperial Cossack troops. The hardships of the trip make Indy homesick for him, but he won't soon forget his trip with the stubborn old man. Indy's next destination is Greece, where his mother Anna realizes that father and son need to spend more time together. The two rage in each other's company as they explore the sites of ancient Greece, but Henry eventually overcomes Indy's insolence and stubbornness when the topic turns to philosophy and the teachings...

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The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father
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