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Rating: 5.50/10 from 1400 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Architect

Title in Italiano:

The Architect

Title in Português:

The Architect

Title in Français:

The Architect

Title in Türk:

The Architect

Title in Deutsch:

The Architect


Architect Leo Waters' marriage is in trouble, his wife Julia unhappy. Their son Martin drops out of college; he's home, adrift and out of sorts with Leo. Daughter Christina has entered her mid-teens with a new body and new feelings. Enter Tonya Neely, a community organizer who lives in high-rise public housing Leo designed years' before. The residents want the projects razed; she comes to Leo asking him to sign her petition. He's put off; Julia supports Tonya. Martin goes to see for himself and begins a friendship with homo-erotic potential. In the meantime, Christina puts herself at risk seeking affirmation. High pitched emotions and high-rise apartments: what will collapse first?

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The Architect
Le Flâneur
Avenue Des Gobelins (From the World of Eugène Atget)
Gymnopédie (From the World of Eugène Atget)
Valse Nostalgique (From the World of Eugène Atget)
E. Satie: Petite Ouverture à danser
La Foire des Invalides

User reviews

William Lopez

The soundtrack's mix of orchestral arrangements and modern electronic elements creates a unique and engaging listening experience that complements the film's themes.

Donald Young

The haunting vocals in certain pieces evoke a sense of longing and yearning, mirroring the characters' desires for connection and understanding.

Melissa Harris

Overall, the soundtrack of The Architect elevates the viewing experience, immersing the audience in the characters' world and enhancing the storytelling through its powerful musical compositions.

Laura Scott

The incorporation of electronic beats and synths in some tracks reflects the modern urban setting of the film, creating a contemporary and dynamic atmosphere that enhances the storytelling.

Robert Turner

The music's ability to evoke a wide range of emotions makes it a standout feature of the film, enriching the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Steven Smith

The soundtrack of The Architect failed to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' struggles. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the ability to enhance the audience's connection to the storyline.

James Scott

The Architect's soundtrack perfectly captures the emotional turmoil within the Waters family, with each track evoking a sense of tension and unease.

Karen Moore

Overall, The Architect's soundtrack enhances the film's narrative by effectively capturing the complex emotions and relationships portrayed on screen.

David Harris

The Architect's soundtrack perfectly captures the emotional turmoil of the characters, reflecting Leo's inner struggles with marriage and family dynamics.

Edward Garcia

The music enhances the tension and complexity of the relationships portrayed in the film, providing depth and nuance to each character's story.

Margaret Rodriguez

The emotional depth and resonance of the music make it a standout feature of The Architect, adding a layer of richness to the storytelling.

Joseph Hernandez

Furthermore, the score seemed disconnected from the themes of high-rise living, family dynamics, and personal growth portrayed in the film. It failed to create a cohesive atmosphere that could immerse the viewers in the world of the characters, ultimately missing an opportunity to elevate the overall cinematic experience.

Brian Perez

The soundtrack's ability to seamlessly transition between different moods, from melancholy to hopeful, mirrors the characters' own emotional journeys throughout the film.

Kimberly Taylor

The use of strings in key moments adds a sense of drama and suspense, heightening the tension and drawing the audience further into the story.

George Campbell

The use of subtle piano melodies in certain scenes adds a layer of complexity to the characters' inner struggles, making the music a crucial element in conveying their emotional depth.

Paul Johnson

The use of different musical motifs for each character helps to distinguish their individual journeys and growth throughout the movie.