"The Big Bang Theory" The Rothman Disintegration Soundtrack (

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Tags: reference to sam kass, attempting a free throw, rock paper scissors lizard spock, hole in a wall


With Professor Rothman retiring, or what you could wish he was kicked out due to mental instability, there's a battle in the physics department between Sheldon and Barry Kripke over his lucrative office space. They each feel entitled to office, Sheldon because he has a longer term and is smarter, Kripke because he said dibs and was actually in office first. His department head won't be taking up the matter and President Siebert wants them to figure it out themselves, who doesn't really care who gets it. Then Leonard, Howard, and Raj try to determine a fair "duel" to see who should take office, the activity not one they're equally adept at, but one they're equally bad at. Meanwhile, Amy gives her best friend Penny a gift to show her how much she appreciates Penny in her life. Unfortunately for Penny, she hates him and doesn't know what to do with him, especially due to her sheer size and Amy realizes if she's lost.

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"The Big Bang Theory" The Rothman Disintegration
History of Everything
Barenaked Ladies: Writer
Barenaked Ladies: Performer
We Go Together
Jim Jacobs: Writer
John Travolta: Performer
History of Everything (Instrumental version)
Barenaked Ladies: Writer
Barenaked Ladies: Performer