The Big Brass Ring Soundtrack (

The Big Brass Ring Soundtrack (1999) cover

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Tags: suspected homosexual
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Big Brass Ring

Title in Italiano:

Sporco segreto

Title in Português:

O Poder da Corrupção


Blake Pellarin is on the campaign trail to become Governor of the state of Missouri. While making a stop in St. Louis, a chance encounter brings his past back to haunt him. Will the truth ruin his chances for office or will he land the "Big Brass Ring"?

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The Big Brass Ring
Mortal Thoughts
Scott Nickoley: Writer
Scott Nickoley: Performer
Love in June
Sam Fonteyn: Composer
Club Lois XIV
Jesse Lawson: Performer
Then She'll Be Mine
Fuller French: Composer
La Bomba
Maraca: Performer
Moises Valle: Composer
Let's Dance
Jerry Mengo: Performer
Jerry Mengo: Writer
Fallen Angels
Bill Boll: Performer
Cocoa Fizz
Christopher Curtis: Composer