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Tags: child protective services, toy guitar
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El libro secreto de Henry


Juggling a job as a waitress and raising two boys on her own--little Peter, and the 11-year-old child prodigy, Henry--the single mother, Susan Carpenter, has a somewhat chaotic life, depending on Henry to manage the household's finances. However, things will take an unexpected turn, when Henry's innocent crush on the beautiful girl next door and hopeful ballet dancer, Christina, unveils a cruel and shocking revelation, dragging Susan in the middle of a dark conspiracy. Will the Carpenters take the law into their own hands; moreover, what's written inside Henry's little red book?

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The Book of Henry
Georges Bizet: Writer
Henry Wagons: Performer
Henry Krips: Writer
Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go
Ryan Miller: Writer
Ryan Miller: Producer
Stevie Nicks: Performer
Naomi Watts: Performer